End in sight to decades-long wait

Three Hills Mayor Tim Shearlaw (fourth from left) and Prairie Tabernacle Congregation building planners at the church’s long-awaited sod turning ceremony, Sunday, May 6. With shovels: Project Manager Bill Brisbin, Board Chair Daryl Notter, Pastor Tim Miller. ECA Review/D.Nadeau

Renters no more.
For more than six decades, a Three Hills church, Prairie Tabernacle Congregation, did its growing in rented accommodations.
But with the Sun., May 6, sod turning ceremony, that is about the change.
On a four-acre plot beside Hwy. 583, the congregation gathered under clear May skies to witness three gold shovels cut into a former schoolyard ball field. Project Manager Bill Brisbin, Board Chair Daryl Notter, and Pastor Tim Miller wielded the shovels after a time of prayer, singing, and emailed comments from Pastor Emeritus Ted Rendall and MP Kevin Sorenson.
The congregation has saved money for the new project, expected to cost over $3 million, since 1976. No firm doors-open timeline has been determined.

David Nadeau
ECA Review

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