Encouraging student leadership skills in Prairie Land

Prairie Land Regional Division trustees were given a snapshot of the Leadership Initiative Training program at their June 19 board meeting.
In a group presentation, students from PRLD’s Leadership Initiative Team (LIT) reported on the impact of the program has had in their lives.
Embracing students from across the division, LIT was created in the 2015/16 school year and designed to encourage students into leadership roles.
Comprised of students from grades 9 – 12, the team has had input from students as young as grade seven.
Team members come together with their principals every two months to discuss ideas, brainstorm and plan events and learn important leadership strategies and techniques as well as the significance that leadership plays in their lives and the opportunities it brings to students.
The ideas and events they develop focus on inspiring leadership, health and wellness, a positive learning environment as well as environmental sustainability.
Team members highlighted two of the most significant division-wide initiatives; Impact Day and the Junior High Leadership Retreat.
Impact Day, is a youth initiative where LIT members take part in a ‘mock’ car accident, staged by the Hanna Fire Department.
Designed to highlight the overall responsibilities of driving, grade nine students from all of PLRD schools take part in the event as witnesses.
Though the accident is ‘fake’, the fire fighters, EMTs, RCMP officers, doctors and nurses taking part in the simulation are real.
During the simulated accident, students are able to experience firsthand what happens during a motor vehicle incident and how one person’s decision can impact the lives of many.
The Junior High Leadership Retreat, which takes place over the course of the two days, is part of the division’s Health and Wellness initiative.
Students spend time in sessions concentrating on different leadership skills and participate in various physical activities between sessions
Led by members of LIT, junior high students work in groups to brainstorm ideas to improve their schools.
Ideas including activities such as spirit days, breakfast and lunch programs, fundraisers, community events, school dances, and elementary leadership groups, indicate how these students are thinking of ways to better their schools and communities.
According to the students’ presentation, the Leadership Initiative Team is an amazing opportunity with many benefits.
They learn the skills to become better leaders, how to cooperate with others and work as a team, helping to create a sense of community and connecting schools across the division.
“These young individuals are living examples of great leaders,” commented PLRD Superintendent Cam McKeage after the presentation.
“These students are amazing role models.”

Linda Stillinger
ECA Review

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