Enabling housing choice project in Trochu

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On behalf of the Rural Development Network (RDN), the Sustainable Housing Initiative (SHI) has partnered with the Town of Trochu to perform a Land Use Policy Update Report that provides policy recommendations for increasing housing choice in the community.

SHI is working to support diverse, sustainable and equitable housing development in Albertan communities through its Enabling Housing Choice Project.

This project was made possible through funding and support from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.

The purpose of the Land Use Policy Update Report is to provide policy recommendations that promote housing choice and diversity in the Town of Trochu. These recommendations will be informed by extensive research and community engagement, to better understand how policy updates can best address Trochu’s housing needs.

“The Enabling Housing Choice project is a wonderful initiative that’s working to improve housing diversity in various Albertan communities – and will eventually develop a Guidebook to serve as a resource for groups across the country,” says Asad Bhatti, Director of Housing at the RDN.

“We are very excited to work with the Town of Trochu on this project, and to help address the housing shortage in the community through transformational policy change.

“The Town of Trochu is excited to partner with the Sustainable Housing Initiative for the Enabling Housing Choice Project”, said Town of Trochu Mayor Barry Kletke. “Collaborative research, community engagement, and strengthening ties with the development industry are critical to promoting housing choice and diversity in Trochu.

“We know that housing is a critical component of growth and sustainability, and we are excited to have a great partner as we move forward. This project aligns with Trochu’s strategic goals outlined in our Strategic Plan 2022-2025.”

Project goals: To identify policy recommendations that increase housing choice in Trochu

● To meaningfully engage with community members to best understand Trochu’s housing needs

● To consult with development industry professionals and attract housing development in Trochu.

For further information about the Enabling Housing Choice Project, please visit: www.housingredefined.ca/enabling-housing-choice-project.


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