Emergency planning

Council has planned an Emergency Advisory Committee meeting to review Bill 8, the Emergency Management Amendment Act which was introduced in the Legislature on April 3, 2018.
The amendment was made to look at the frequency and severity of disasters and the risks involved.
Roles and responsibilities of the Emergency Advisory Committee will be discussed and the council will review their Emergency Management Plan at this time to make sure it has all the proposed requirements.
Hazard and Risk assessments, training for emergency management staff, communicating and alerting the public of disasters, preparedness, response and recovery and exercises in place to review lessons learned from actual disasters that have happened, are a few key elements that need to be part of the plan.
As part of emergency preparedness and reviewing the power outage caused by the October 2017 snow storm, council has decided to have the wiring done for compatible portable generators for the Community Hall, Lion’s Rec Centre and the Town Office.
A permanent generator hooked up to the natural gas line is very expensive but may be looked at another time. Ten cots and blankets will also be purchased.
“We did present the application at the Waste Management meeting for assistance with the generators,” stated CAO Sandra Kulyk, “and we were approved a $5,000 grant towards the project.”
Mayor Mark Stannard then went on to suggest that with the $5,000 grant and the $10,000 that were realized in savings from the purchase of the mowers that this money could be used in getting the wiring done for the generators.
Corporate sponsorships and other grants will be pursued to add to the emergency fund.

Sgt. McGunigal leaving
Sgt. Darcy McGunigal of the Coronation detachment stopped by the council meeting to touch base with the council members before his last day on June 27.
He will be taking a position in Edmonton at the RCMP Career Development and Resourcing office.
Sgt. McGunigal informed council that the new detachment should be completed by July 2021 and that Corporal Brandon Hastie, the commander of the Consort Detachment, will oversee the Coronation office until a new Sergeant is named and on site.
“Very difficult to leave Coronation and that is the truth,” said Sgt. McGunigal when expressing how much he and his family enjoyed their time in Coronation.
It’s been our pleasure, sad to see you go,” said Coun. Jackie Brigley when council was discussing their working relationship with Sgt. McGunigal.

Potential Spray Park development
Nicole Lindmark invited Pat Zelenak Design and Sales Manager for PLAYWORKS and Victoria Waldie, a consultant for the company, to present council with information on the different types of Spray Parks they have built for other communities and the financial cost of constructing the various sizes.
The Alberta company represents a variety of park and playground equipment manufacturers and has been in business since 1984.
Zelenak did point out that the company employs a grant writer that helps communities to secure funds for their projects and that there is a federal grant coming out for park enhancement.
Council appreciated all the information brought forward and will discuss further at upcoming meetings.

Bull-a-rama site
Darin Eno attended the council meeting to discuss various locations for the upcoming Bull-a-rama in August.
An inside location is preferred for the event, but it can be a lot of work in preparing the arena and cleaning up after and sometimes it is hard to find volunteers to commit for the event.
The rodeo grounds and a location behind the community hall were brought up for outside locations but mother nature can be unpredictable.
Five council members stepped forward to offer to volunteer for the event and they will try and bring another person along as well to help.

Lisa Bye
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