Emergency planning survey to be implemented in County of Paintearth

The County of Paintearth council has given approval for Emergency Management to proceed with an emergency preparedness questionnaire during the regular meeting on Feb. 21.
“We are asking the questions that people need to ask themselves,” stated Director of Emergency Management, Todd Pawsey.
The farm and residential emergency planning questionnaire and inventory is in compliance with County Policy 1510 Municipal Notification of Emergencies and the Emergency Management Act of Alberta.
The survey will be sent out with tax notices which also aligns with Canada’s National Emergency Preparedness Week.
“Our concerns are the protection of residents lives and property,” said Pawsey.
This type of information could have been useful during the Oct. 2 snow especially regarding equipment and supply knowledge, he added.
The form contains questions regarding contact and ownership of the land and farm and yard information such as livestock handling, dangerous goods and the available equipment.
The questionnaire is voluntary but is highly encouraged by Emergency Management to be completed. Once a completed form is returned to the county office it will be scanned into the software system where it will be available for future use.
“We hope to never have to use this information,” said Pawsey “but it is good to have on hand”
“ I think this is a good idea,” said Coun. Doreen Blumhagen, “I can see being Oct. 2 was the perfect example of how we never expected it, but it would have been pretty handy to know.”

New pickup purchase
Coun. Morris Wiart moved the purchase of a new 2018 2500 Ram 4×4 pickup truck for the Agriculture Services Board. The new vehicle will be replacing a 2008 Dodge 2500 and will be going to the mower fleet of vehicles.
The cost of the new pickup truck $33,780.25 plus tax, just slightly over the budget of $33,000. The purchase is to be funded by restricted surplus.

Stop sign removal
Coun. Tyrrill Hewitt moved to remove the lone stop sign along Township Road 370 stopping west bound traffic on Range Road 133.
This will create an uncontrolled intersection.
The stop sign was originally put in place, approximately five years ago, as there were poor sight lines due to the dense brush.
This past fall county workers cleared the brush and back-sloped the trees near the intersection, by doing this the sight lines are now adequate.

Emily Wheller
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