Emergency Act, simply put

Dear Editor,
Emergency Measures Act enacted or put in place was wrong.

The act came down on the Freedom Convoy because of a lack of leadership by the Federal Government and our Prime Minster.

Because no one in the Liberal government or the Prime Minister made an apparent or visible attempt to meet with people from the convoy; the result was a lengthy stay by some Freedom convoy members on the city of Ottawa, the capital that serves every Canadian.

The Freedom Convoy consisted of law-abiding Canadians who wanted to make their concerns known to government and the Prime Minister in charge, Justin Trudeau. This is the fact of the matter.

After all the effort made by the convoy members – it appeared that no one in the Federal Government made a proper attempt to dialogue concerns of the convoy.

Had the Prime Minister or Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) made it clear at or before the arrival time of the convoy that there would be a meeting set up consisting of relevant government members, the PMO, the Prime Minister and representative members from the Freedom convoy and the several additional groups in the convoy; and that this meeting would be held in a safe and orderly fashion; the convoy would have left Ottawa shortly after that meeting of substance and goodwill had transpired.

I am sure this meeting would have been expected and accepted by the Canadian public, the Ottawa police, and the convoy.

The Government and the Prime Minister shirked their huge duty of ‘leadership responsibility’ to all the law-abiding citizens in the convoy and Canadian citizens across this country.

Were the police blindsided when it became apparent that the Prime Minister and his government were not going to have meaningful discussions with the convoy?

Yes, to me it is obvious. By the time Canada’s ‘leader’ displayed reluctance to dialogue reasonably with the Freedom convoy, that is when a growing and lengthy occupation set in.

The Emergencies Act came about because of the lack of Canada’s ‘leadership’ at the highest level and was used as an excuse for political inaction by our nation’s leadership.

W. Douglas Fawcett
Consort, Alta.

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