Elnora pumphouse application denied

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate shared with council that the application for the massive upgrades to the village pump house was denied.

The application to the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership (AMWWP) was submitted in late November of last year.

Infrastructure Technologist Denette Leask responded saying no new approvals will be given due to ‘recent provincial budget constraints’ for the 2021/2022 fiscal year.

The project will remain in their system for further consideration once future budgets are set.

Dry Island Developments

An accumulation of uncut grass and weeds has emerged at one residence in Elnora after an inspection took place on June 8 around the village.

The undeveloped property owned by Rick Cloutier of Dry Island Developments received an Unsightly Premises notice from the village to have the property cleaned up.

In response to this, a letter of appeal was made to council after a conversation with Stephen Poburan of the Red Deer County Bylaw Office who advised for a letter of appeal.

Cloutier stated in this letter that he has lived in Elnora for 14 years and this property has never been developed.

“We purchased this property in February 2016 and it had never been required to mow the grass, control weeds or remove deadfall prior to that date,” he stated. “While it was the intention of Dry Island Developments to develop that parcel of land in cooperation with the Village of Elnora, that agreement was deemed null and void by yourselves (the Village of Elnora) and nothing has been done to further this development.”

He noted it is still vacant, undeveloped land which begged the question as to why they must keep it mown if there is no danger to public safety and not a large presence of weeds there.

“Dry Island has complied with your requests in the past to keep it mown because it seemed the right (and respectful) thing to do.”

He added that other properties within Elnora have been abandoned and ‘totally neglected and the buildings on site are falling apart.’

Council ultimately passed a motion that the appeal by Dry Island Developments Ltd. be denied and compliance with the unsightly premises notice issued on June 8 to mow the grass and weeds be undertaken on or before July 31, 2021.

Elnora Campground projects visited

Village of Elnora council and staff have been exploring options to have washroom facilities open all year round for convenience. 

They are currently looking at doing a deep utility service installation. 

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate advised the sewer main line located to the east of the campground washroom would not hold a deep utility service so a lift station would be required at the campground dumpsite to move the wastewater and resolve current backup issues. 

Council accepted this as information for the time being.

Councillors also looked at fees and how collection rates are going this year. 

A motion was made to have the CAO draft a job posting for the collection of camping fees for the remainder of the camping season which was accepted.

Hayfield lease agreement

A motion was made and passed to have the village enter into a three-year lease agreement with William Dahl for 28-acres of land located at the southwest edge of the village known as land location NE 10-35-23-W4.

To compensate for that portion of hayfield that is utilized for overflow camping, the acreage size has been reduced by three acres from the prior agreement.

The annual rent comes to $1,134 or 28 acres at $40.50 per acre.

Bylaws reviewed

Two bylaws were rescinded following direction from village staff including Bylaw 36 which covers development permits and Bylaw 39 which speaks to prohibiting riding bicycles on sidewalks.

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