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Kaylee Bridge and Kelly Jewell are the newest faces at Elnora Public Library as youth interns to spread the good word about computers.
The Library will be offering mini-classes on any subject for which you ask. We will use the six public computers in the library and patron’s own equipment if desired, such as cameras.
Kaylee worked last summer organizing and running the Summer Fun and Reading Club programs. She will be ready to offer assistance every hour the library is open.
Kelly has returned from last year and is familiar with the library computers and programs.
Kaylee and Kelly can help you with the following:
– getting your own email address and using the library computers to send and receive emails
– connecting digital cameras to your computer or printer and sending photos
– the mysteries of Facebook and how to use it to keep in touch with family and friends
– using Microsoft Word program to type anything
– creating signs, posters, banners of any length and especially greeting cards
– a newspaper reading service, both in english and translated languages
– how to Google and find information from the internet
– how to use PowerPoint
– how to find government forms, fill them in and send them back to the right place.
We can even borrow from our head office – a Wii machine, ereaders, talking books and CNIB readers.
Please note that you do not have to be a library patron to use our computers! They are for everyone in Alberta to get connected to the internet. Walk in, turn right and sit down!

Dear editor,
For years, Shirley and I have sent books to the small library in the rural Alberta town of Elnora, a tradition that began after an innocent query about the location of a certain small Alberta locale.
The gracious reply included a query about whether or not we had read Stop the Car! Discovering Central Alberta. We had not and we thought we might find it in the Red Deer Public Library, as we were temporarily residing there. Instead, the Elnora Library staff lent us their copy, and we promised to return it as soon as we were finished with it.
We took the book and returned to Red Deer where we read and planned and then visited many of the spots mentioned in the book. On our way back home, we stopped in at the Elnora Library, returned the book, and told the staff how much we had enjoyed it and that we had taken several of the suggested day trips, each one a delight.
The staff were pleased and a wee bit surprised that we returned the book, as they weren’t really sure it would find its way home. From that point onward, we began to donate books to Elnora Library simply because staff there had been so kind and generous and trusting.
Over the years, we have provided both paperback and hard cover books of good quality – all with our best wishes and heartfelt thanks.
When we first visited Elnora, this tiny community had a population of less than 300 citizens. The dogs and cats and cattle greatly increased the total number of residents, but those animals did not and likely will not visit the library, so it is left to the good people of Elnora to enjoy and support their community library.
As we were travelling back home to BC, we did what the title of that thin book suggested: Stop the Car! While our relationship with Elnora has come to a close, our connection to community libraries continues: now Creston, BC will be the beneficiary of our books. We trust that the Creston and District Library will live up to the joy we found in the staff at Elnora Library and that we will experience once again this sense of ‘community spirit,’ which is at the foundation of a good, strong, healthy and prosperous library.

Wanda Strandquist



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