Electing a leader

I think the Conservative leadership contest has finally got some public interest in it. So far in my opinion it has been a ho-hum affair.
Prior to the entry of Kevin O’Leary in the race I doubt if the average person could have named three of the candidates in the race. We now have 13 candidates vying to be the conservative leader.
The problem I see in that entire group is no one had really stood out until the entry of O’Leary. My hope is maybe now people will start to pay attention to this contest.
Canada simply cannot afford a second term of a Liberal Government lead by Justin Trudeau.
I am not convinced that Kevin O’Leary is the right person to be our next Prime Minister. To me while he has some charisma and leadership qualities, he seems to be a single issue candidate.
Yes, fixing the economy of this country is probably the number one priority but a prime minister needs to communicate a broader vision and understanding all issues if he is to effectively lead the country.
So far he has not demonstrated that he understands the entire job description of the position that he is seeking.
When you dig into his past it raises a concern, is he is really a conservative? He has financially contributed to the Liberal party and the American Democratic party in the past.
Other than the economy, his lack of concern for matters other than fiscal indicates that he views the liberal status quo on many of Canada’s policies as acceptable.
O’Leary also believes that Co2 is the cause of climate change. He seems to have the same liberal political background as Ralph Klein had.
In this leadership contest I can see the same thing happening as happened with the Republicans in the U.S.
There were about a dozen candidates vying for the nomination when Trump got into the contest.
He started out with higher poll numbers than any of the others, as has O’Leary. Due to the outrageous statements he was making in his campaign the other candidates did not take him seriously.
Instead of getting their heads together and agreeing on one or two to oppose him with a focused campaign, they dropped off one at a time and Trump’s numbers just kept climbing.
I think the other 13 conservative candidates need to agree on one or two candidates to oppose O’Leary or he will do the same thing as Trump and win the leadership by default.
As a columnist in a Sun newspaper said,  “like Trump, O’Leary lacks neither confidence or ego.”
O’Leary has bragged that he is “The PM’s  ‘Worst nightmare”. I think he is also the Conservatives “Worst nightmare’.
According to reports that I have heard he has already raised over $ 300,000 for his campaign. He feels that his strength is with the millennial age group.
So far out of the 14 candidates running for leader, other than O’Leary, the conservatives seem to be hard pressed to come up with a leader can really capture the attention of Canadian voters.
Thus far I do not see any of candidates with real charisma. Stephen Harper did not have real charisma but he did have his act together.
Several of the candidates, especially O’Leary  cannot  speak French very well. Andrew Scheer for example is very fluent in French but he has not come across so far as very inspiring with his policy positions.
Maxime Bernier probably has the best all around Conservative platform, however he has two problems. One he is from Quebec and we have already had too many Prime Ministers from Quebec and two he has a strong French accent when he speaks English, which makes him difficult to listen to.
So far Rona Ambrose stands out as the best conservative leader. She said she doesn’t want the job at this time and has disqualified herself by becoming the interim leader.
Anyhow if you’re a conservative member and like choice, boy do you have choice!

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