Effectively keeping us in the dark

Dear Editor,

Here we go again! Our councillors are not being accountable to the ratepayers.

In times of financial stress our councillors are again spending on pet projects by keeping ratepayers in the dark as much as possible.

Two things need to be done: 1.) On-going discussions in council need to be referred to in the minutes by a name not by a number because ratepayers need to know what is being discussed without having to refer to back-issues for months sometimes years to know is being discussed.

This method effectively keeps us in the dark.

2.) All motions voted on need to have a recorded vote as to who is in favour and who is not. Just because one or two members feel they are not in the majority, some members feel that they may as well rubber stamp it or are bullied into that decision.

If council members don’t agree let them stand as such. If they don’t have the nerve to support their constituents they have no business being on council.


Laurie Painter

Huxley, Alta.

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