Economic future needs citizen input

The Economic Opportunities Taskforce (Counties of Paintearth and Flagstaff, Villages of Forestburg and Halkirk, and the Towns of Coronation and Castor) have retained the consulting services of Urban Systems Ltd. to undertake a review and analysis of the social and economic impacts expected to accrue from the potential closures of the Battle River Generating Station and Paintearth Mine.
The Opportunities and Impact Study will also include thoughts and recommendations for economic revitalization and transition.
A series of town hall meetings and one-on-one interviews were held in Forestburg and Castor during the week of May 15 -18.
There were many things learned from the over 80 participants at the town hall meeting and the 35 interviews.
The Town Hall meetings and one on one sessions were open discussion and focusing on the following:
• Identification/exploration of community/regional and family impacts re: closure(s);
• Identification/confirmation of community/regional assets for moving forward; and
• Investigation of economic opportunities and best fit.
The next steps that the Economic Opportunities Taskforce will be undertaking will include more one-on-one interview and an online survey.
The Opportunities and Impact Study is on schedule with the Final Report Presentation due in Sept. 2017.  For any questions, please contact your respective municipality.

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