Easter treats, after-school fun

Grade 10 Hughenden Public School students, from the left, Anna-Mae Rustad, Chloe Sayer,
Reagan Lomheim and Erin Johnson show the cakes they baked and decorated for the kids to win in the annual Cake Walk. ECA Review/Submitted

Students and staff at the Hughenden Public School (HPS) combined the annual Cake Walk for elementary students with after school activities for students on April 18 to enjoy before the spring break.

Each year just before Easter, HPS staff and parents join forces to organize the popular Cake Walk, in which elementary students get to spend the last part of their day competing in activities in the gym for their choice of sweet and pretty prizes.

Grade 7 students Dillan Dambrowsky and William Stringer were supervising and helping to keep things running smoothly during the event.

“The kids had a lot of fun and were very happy after they got their cake,” said Dambrowsky.

“I feel the elementary loved it and the teachers really appreciated all the work we put into it,” said Stringer.

Grade 10 students Anna-Mae Rustad, Chloe Sayer, Reagan Lomheim, and Erin Johnson did double duty, baking and decorating layer cakes for their Foods class, and donating them as prizes for the elementary Cake Walk.

To add to the spring fun this year, the Student’s Union decided to host a student night after school the same afternoon.

Students of all ages were invited to play school-wide hide and seek and/or participate in a recreational floor hockey tournament.

Junior High Foods classes contributed to this part of the day as well, by baking the hashbrown casserole that was served for supper.

by Zac Rochon

Thwarting the silent killer

The Biology 20 students of Hughenden Public School enjoyed a visit on Thurs. April 4 by Tammy Sather and Brian Cooper, members of the local fire and rescue team.

They helped the Grade 11 students to grow their knowledge and skills regarding a healthy circulatory system.

The students learned how to take blood pressure and blood glucose, along with how to test for carbon monoxide in their bodies.

While testing for carbon monoxide, it was discovered that student Jared Johnson had a small amount of carbon monoxide in his body. He was sent to the hospital to get it looked at.

The family later found out they had a carbon monoxide leak in their home furnace.

Classmates were very concerned for Jared and impressed with the accidental intervention by fire and rescue.

Regarding the classroom visit, Naomi Johnson remembers that “The diabetes needles hurt a lot” said Naomi Johnson.

Kjersti Congdon added, “it was a different setting to learn Bio in, which was nice”.


by Maja Congdon

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