East central municipalities to see shift in local council seats

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Nomination period is over for the 2021 municipal election period and now the race at the polls begins.

Below are the unofficial nomination results for some of the municipalities covered by the East Central Alberta Review.




Bashaw’s mayor has been acclaimed but council nominees are being withheld until Sept. 21 noted Bashaw’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Theresa Fuller.

“(Incumbent councillor) Rob McDonald is acclaimed for mayor,” stated Fuller Sept. 20.

“The other candidates, we will release tomorrow noon, as candidates have 24 hours to pull their nomination. I have been advised by our returning officer to proceed in this manner.”


Elections will be held for seven total positions at the Castor Community Hall.

Candidates include: Michael Bozek, Richard Elhard (incumbent), Anthony Holland, Trudy Kilner (incumbent), Kevin McDougall (incumbent), Shawn Peach, Melanie Robertson, Donald Sisson, Brenda Wismer (incumbent) and Cecil Yates.


Councillors: (5 positions)

Brett Alderdice, Dylan Bullick, Ronald Checkel, Cody Hillmer, Wilfred Noseworthy, Matthew Peacock and Mark Stannard.

Drumheller (7 positions)

Edmond Almond, Mark Chung and Heather Colberg (incumbent) are running for the position of mayor.

Nominations for Councilor include Grant Bergos, Curt Ewing, Lisa Hansen-Zacharuk (incumbent), Patrick Kolafa, Anthony Lacher (incumbent), Anthony Miglecz, Stephanie Price, Jade Scott, Crystal Sereda, Ralph Veenhuis and Thomas Zariski (incumbent).

The Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce will host a ‘Candidates Forum’ on Thurs. Oct. 7. It is to be determined whether this event will be held virtually or in person.


Incumbents include Elaine Fossen, Dwayne Giroux, Devon McNabb and Blaise Young. Gerald Caron is joining council as Bob Coutts retires from councillor duties.


Mayor: Danny Povaschuk (Acclaimed).

Councillors: Sandra Beaudoin, (incumbent), Brass Campion (incumbent), Fred Crowle, Shawn Godziuk, Robert Goulet, Brad Haugen, Sandra C. Murphy, Kyle Olsen (incumbent), and Angie Warwick.


Councillors (5 positions): Brett Baumgartner (Incumbent), Connie Beringer, (Incumbent), Logan Campbell, Doug Irving (Incumbent), Wayne Jackson, Wade Kroening, Camillia Morrison, and Christine Ruzicka.


Mayor Ben Kellert (Acclaimed).

Councillors: Rick Krys (Incumbent), Brenda McDermott (incumbent) Heidi Pierce (Incumbent) and Tein Cote.


Mayor: Doug Jones (Acclaimed).

Councillors: Blake Hertz, Robert Kacso, Trevor Hittel, Ed Hogan, James Walker and Jack Hauck, all acclaimed.


Mayor: J. Michael Dennehy and Peggy McFadyen.

Councillors in by acclamation include Dirk Brouwer, Tianna Klein, Michael Hildebrandt, Alvin Schultz, Jeremy Rehman and Tyler Carter.


The Town of Stettler acclaimed its mayor but will see an election for council according to a press release Sept. 20.

The town confirmed Mayor Sean Nolls was acclaimed. The following candidates will compete for the six council seats: Kurt Baker, Cheryl Barros (incumbent), Gord Lawlor (incumbent), Jim Lynham, Scott Pfeiffer (incumbent), Travis Randell and Wayne Smith (incumbent).


Mayor: Aleska Johnson, Stephen Levy. 

Councillors: Tom Bahm Nelson Byrd, Clayton Travis Hinkey, Tabatha Klebanowski, Nolan Lewis and Ian MacEachern.

Three Hills

Mayor: Jeannette Austin and Raymond Wildeman. 

Councillors: Terry Ann Diack, Danny Gascon, Marilyn Dawn Sept, Dennis Hazelton, Miriam Ruth Kirk and Byrne Lammle. 

Trochu (7 positions)

Councillors: Chris Armstrong, Bill Cunningham, Barry Kletke, Cheryl Lumley, Jenny Lyver, Jaime Martel, Gerard Proudfoot, Chris Reeds and Blue Tripp. 


Mayor: Bruce Pugh, Dan Lapierre.

Councillors: Patrick Moroz, Will Challenger, Bob Foley, Randy Tizzard, Ariel Haubrich, Dan Wourms, Greg Curtis, Arnie Adamson, Phyllis Holmes, Heather MacDonald, Len Newman, Rick Fountain and Vince Saretsky.




Jason Bates, Dennis Kuiken, Rhonda Laking, Bruce McLeod and Doreen Ternowetsky.


Village of Alix residents will be heading to the polls in October to decide who will sit in their five council seats.

According to a press release from the village office, the following candidates were nominated for council: Rob Fehr (incumbent), Barb Gilliat (incumbent), Wilbert Bevan, Ed Cole (incumbent), Tim Besuijen (incumbent) and Janice Besuijen.


Leslie Ganshirt (Incumbent), Natacha St-louis Lessard, Jeff McNaught, Denise Nychyporuk, Sylvia Wold and Stephen Wyse.


Bill Rock (Incumbent), Bradley Adams (Incumbent) and Cody Johnson. 

Big Valley

There will be an election in the Village of Big Valley this year as five candidates stepped forward for the three council seats.

A post on a village social media page noted confirmed candidates for the 2021 election included Gail Knudson, Clark German (incumbent), Harry Nibourg (incumbent), Amber Hoogenberg and Dan Houle.

Carbon (5 positions)

Eight people running for council include Trina Anderson, Deborah Dunford (Incumbent), Bernice Kadatz, Marie Koolman, Michelle Lomond (Incumbent), Brian McHugh, Renee O’Brien (Incumbent) and Bryan Peever (Incumbent).


Jack Goodall (incumbent), Allan Skinner (Incumbent), Christine Smith (Incumbent), Sheila Donally, Don Prokopetz, Bob Chapman, Alan Dow and Frank Snow.


A Village of Clive social media message noted there were not enough nominations to proceed with an election.

“Due to insufficient nominations received, the nomination deadline will be extended to Sept. 21. Completed nomination papers must be dropped off at the village office 5115-50 St. between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. (noon).”

The village provided the following list of confirmed candidates: Luci Henry, Tracey Hallman, Norma Penney and Dan Graden. 


Incumbents Michael Beier, Mario Caron and Sandy Walters are accompanied by newcomers Kevin Dorling, Amanda Wiltse and Wende Wood.

An election will be held to determine the five spots available.


Angela Large (Incumbent), Mervin Grunow (incumbent), Jason Manning (Incumbent) and Brant Eldering.


Mayor: Wayne Button and Murray Candlish.

Councillors (4 positions): Stephen Elley, Jeanny Fisher, Steve Gay, Edward Kusalik, Gary Longhe, Allan McLeod, James (Butch) Robertson and Dianne Roth.


Five were elected by acclamation including Bill Chandler, Jeff Bourne, Tim Wilson, incumbents.

Newcomers: Kathy Faulk and Ray Reckseidler.


David Sisley (incumbent), Jordan Elliott (incumbent) and newcomer Melody Christoferson have been acclaimed.


Bruce Gartside (incumbent), Richard Dale Nelson (Incumbent), Derek Williams (Incumbent), Tasha Dawn Thompson and Doug Booker.


Kaylan White (Incumbent), Deanna Jackson (Incumbent), Wanda Herbert, Alvin Gordon, Max McMillan, Jennifer Beattie, and Delia Hughes.


Elected by Acclamation: Jul R. Bissell, Ronald Duft, and Lisa M. Ferguson.


Dale Kent (Incumbent), Sherry Jamison (Incumbent) and Thomas Schmidt.


Did not wish to post their nominees in the ECA Review.


Richard Archabald (Incumbent), Todd Robert Cornforth (Incumbent), Shelby Gill, Kathleen Phyllis Hall, Terry Laing, Carmen Lumayko, Edward J. Reynen (Incumbent).


Tim Frank, Les Schultz and Coralee Schindel. 

Irma (5 positions)

Mervin Firkus, Joan Green, Leonard Jones, Richard Langley, David George MacDonald, Eric Nissen, Brandon Parsons, James (Jim) Schubada, and Michael Soucy.


Florence Robinson (Incumbent), Heather Sweetman, Reginald Wiebe, Kelly Klassen (Incumbent), Darwyn Moon (Incumbent) and Sonia Ens (Incumbent).


Councillors: John Johnsen, Susan Armer, Hal Meek and Shawn Sieben.


Village of Morrin returning officer Annette Plachner confirmed Sept. 20 four candidates are competing for the three council seats.

Nominees include M’Liss Edwards, Kenneth Balacko, Lynn Helton and Howard Helton.


James McTavish (Incumbent), Janice McTavish (Incumbent) and Mitchell Weller (Incumbent).


Janice Allison, Bertha Lafontaine and Jerry Wipf were all acclaimed to the three positions available.



Acadia Valley

Peter Rath (Incumbent), Tim Peers (Incumbent), Aaron Skappak (Incumbent), Ron Hoyt (Incumbent), Scott Heeg and Lesley Neilson. 


Division 1: Richard Manning (Incumbent).

Division 2: Jeannete Ruth Herle (Incumbent) and Mat Ponto.

Division 6: Kelsey Ness and Larry Hiller.

Elected are: Division 3: Jeffrey Eckstrand (Incumbent).

Division 4: Melvin Thomson (Incumbent).

Division 5: Donald Brian Kroetch (Incumbent).

Division 7: Howard Shield (Incumbent).


Three incumbents were acclaimed in Kneehill County, but four others will face challengers in the election. 

Faye McGhee (Div.1), Reeve Jerry Wittstock (Div.3) and Wade Christie (Div.6) were all acclaimed.

In Div. 2 incumbent Debbie Penner will be challenged by Christopher Morton.

In Div. 4 incumbent Glen Keiver will be challenged by Carrie Fobes and Rick McInnis.

In Div. 5 incumbent Jim Hugo will be challenged by Laura Lee Machell- Cunningham and Robert Park. In Div. 7 incumbent Ken King will be challenged by Lonnie McCook.


Division 1: John Ireland (Acclaimed)

Div. 2: Brenda Knight (Acclaimed)

Div. 3: Barb Shepherd (Acclaimed)

Div. 4: candidates include Ivor Bernatsky and Dwayne West.

Div. 5: candidates include Denise Sumner, Kenneth Weenink and Ken White.

Div. 6: candidates include Gunnar Albrecht Philip Arthur Randall Allan Wilson

Division 7: Dana Kreil (Acclaimed)


Division 1 – Lonnie Kozlinski (Incumbent)

Division 2 – Dwayne Harper, Allan Gordon Murray (Incumbent)

Division 3 – Mel Angeltvedt, Ronald Rustad (Incumbent)

Division 4 – Bryce Olson

Division 5 – Lyanne Almberg

Division 6 – Darryl Motley (Incumbent)

Division 7 – Gina Vetter (Incumbent)


Stan Schulmeister, George Glazier, Diane Elliott and Dale Norton resume their councillor duties as incumbents. 

Tyrill Hewitt retired from councillor duties, allowing incoming nominee Sandy Shipton to be acclaimed in Division 6.

Terry Vokeroth challenges incumbent Doreen Blumhagen in Division 4 while Dwayne Felzien challenges incumbent Maurice Wiart in Division 5.

Red Deer (6 positions)

Running for mayor are Jim Wood, Stan Bell and Ty Northcott. Councillors: Chad Young and Philip Massier for Div. 1.

Div. 2: Lonny Kennett and Jean Bota.

Div. 3: Adrian Pidhirney, Dana Depalme, Clayton Marshall.

Div. 4: Connie Huelsman (Acclaimed).

Div. 5: Brent Ramsay and Richard Lorenz.

Div. 6: Christine Moore and Garett Cupples.


The County of Stettler saw two councillors acclaimed and plenty of competition in other divisions, according to a press release from the municipality.

Stettler County had two councillors acclaimed including Les Stulberg (Ward 1 Byemoor- Endiang) and Paul McKay (Ward 7 Donalda-Red Willow).

In Ward 2 (Big Valley) incumbent Dave Grover will face three challengers including Lance Neilson, Terry Schiffner and Dustan Wawzkiewicz.

In Ward 3 (Botha-Gadsby) Reeve Larry Clarke will be challenged by Dianne Baird and in Ward 4 (Erskine South-Warden) incumbent James Nibourg will be challenged by Earl Marshall.

In Ward 5 (Stettler) incumbent Ernie Gendre will face three challengers, including Sarina Gosse, Wanda Niehaus and Jeremy Verhoeven while in Ward 6 (Erskine-Buffalo Lake) incumbent Cheri Neitz will face challenger Justin Stevens.


Acclaimed: Steven Wannstrom, Rob Sargent and John Rew.

Kelly Fitzpatrick and Mark Landry election in Division 1; Ian Herd, Michael McKee and Jackie Watts election in Division 4.

Special Areas

Acclaimed councillors include Kevin Bossert, Neal Roes, Brad Slorstad, Justin Griffith, Mark Blair, Daryl Swenson, Brad Osadczuk, Kevin Wilson, Graham Schetzsle and Laurie Ference. 

For elections, two divisions will battle it out.

First is Travis Foot and Erika Tessier vying for Division 3-4 (Oyen-New Brigden) and Doug Noble and James Laitinen for Division 4-3 (Kirriemuir, Altario, Compeer). 

Division 3-5 (Youngstown-Cereal) is open for nominations.


Oscar Buck for Div. 1, William Lawson for Div. 6 and Bob Barss for Div. 7 are all acclaimed incumbents.

Div. 2: Gillian Adamson, Owen Johnston, Lance Krawchuk, Lorne (Luke) Loewen, and Mike Wildeboer.

Div. 3: Incumbent Ryley Andersen challenged by Richard (Bill) Waddell.

Div. 4: Robert Adamson, Jesse Campbell, Robin Leighton, Matthew Powell, Keith Stobert and David Urquhart.

Div. 5: Keray Cumberland, incumbent Bruce Cummins, Owen Dennis and Dan Marchuk.


Division 1: Allen Grant MacLennan, Janet Kanters-Shmorong, Shannon Laprise and Erich Hoff.

Division 2: Amber Link (Acclaimed/Incumbent).

Division 3: Donna Biggar (Acclaimed/Incumbent).

Division 4: Tom Ikert (Acclaimed/incumbent).

Division 5: Scott Klassen (incumbent) and Brenda Knight.

Division 6: Ginette Motta, Glenn Koester (incumbent) and Rex Harwood.

Division 7: Einar Davidson, Rick Laursen and Herb McLane.



Battle River (5 positions)

Battle River School Division will see two elections in the wards of City of Camrose and Beaver County.

Ward 1 has two positions but three candidates including Doug Algar, Patrick McFeely, and Melissa Rozema.

Ward 2 candidates include Lyle Albrecht, Zsuzsanna Hemperger and Brett Huculak

Karen Belich has been acclaimed to Ward 3 (Camrose County) and Dwight Dibben acclaimed to Ward 4 (Flagstaff County)

Buffalo Trail

Ward 1: Candidates Rose Gorniak, Kara Jackson and Elizabeth Myhovich.

Ward 2: (Provost/Amisk/Hughenden and area) Candidates Barry Livingston and Emily Rennie

Ward 3: Electoral Subdivision 1 (Town of Wainwright): Stephanie Cooper (Acclaimed).

Electoral Subdivision 2 (Chauvin/Edgerton): Stephanie Spornitz (Acclaimed). Electoral Subdivision 3 (Irma): Stephanie Evans and Tanya Ford election.

Ward 4 (formerly County of Vermilion River); Electoral Subdivision 1 (Town of Vermilion): Nicole Hauck, Bruce Marriot, Marty Pawlak and Darla Rae Yonkman election.

Electoral Subdivision 2 (Rural Vermilion): Jim King and Kathy Nelson election.

Electoral Subdivision 3 (Kitscoty/PV and area): Kayti Jayne Eldridge and Jessica Kaastrup election.

Electoral Subdivision 4 (Dewberry/Marwayne and area) David Bensmiller and Cameron John Stevenson election.


The nominated candidates, all in by acclamation, are as follows: Ward 1 Erskine, Erskine North area, and Donalda and area: Guy Parry Neitz, (incumbent).

Ward 2 Big Valley and area as well as Erskine South area: Kimberley Smyth, (incumbent). Ward 3 Town of Stettler (2): Greg Hayden (incumbent), Becky Scott (incumbent).

Ward 4 Botha, Gadsby, Byemoor and areas, as well as Halkirk and Halkirk West area: John Schofer, (incumbent).

Ward 5 Castor and area, as well as Halkirk East area: Erika Grice (incumbent).

Ward 6 Coronation, Brownfield and areas: Thomas, Shauna-lee.

East Central Alberta Catholic

Ward 1 Trustee (The Theresetta Ward) Robert Glen Nichols (Incumbent/Acclaimed).

Ward 2 (Wainwright) Harry Loonen (Incumbent/Acclaimed) and Malachy Young (Incumbent/Acclaimed).

Ward 3 (Stettler/Killam) Duane Austin (Incumbent/Acclaimed)

Ward 4 (Provost) Robert Joseph Gratton (Acclaimed) and Debra L. Klein (Incumbent/Acclaimed) 

Ward 5 (Vermilion) Jeremy Laurence and Jim Sanson (Incumbent). (Acclaimed)

Golden Hills 

Ward 1 (Three Hills, Torrington, Huxley, Trochu and Area) Barry Kletke (Acclaimed).

Ward 2 (Acme, Carbon, Linden and area) James Northcott (Incumbent) challenged by Zbigniew Kozlowski.

Ward 3 (Drumheller) Justin Bolin (Acclaimed).

Ward 4 (Strathmore) Robert Pirie (Acclaimed) and Jennifer Mertz (Acclaimed).

Ward 5 (Carseland, Gleichen, Cluny, Hussar, Rockyford, Standard and area) Laurie Huntley


Prairie Land

Trustees acclaimed include Holli Smith, Lindsay Bond, Shauna Davies, Scott MacPherson, Marsha Tkach, Jinel Ference and Shandele Battle. 

Morrin/Munson is still vacant.

Wolf Creek

Ward A:  Lucienne Henry (Acclaimed).

Ward B: Lana Thompson (Acclaimed).

Ward C: Election to be held. Candidates are Trudy Bratland and Alexis Ann Soltice.

Ward D: Brent Buchanan and Kelly Lowry (Both acclaimed).

Ward E: Darryl Stendie (Acclaimed).


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