Earplugs may be a necessity?

Dear Editor,

Wow, the things this old lady has learned in the last 10 days or so! 

Now, I have been reading the Bible for about 50 years or more and I just found out that I have been very ignorant as to “ Bible carrying” protocol.  

Normally I simply pick the wonderful Book up and proceed from there. Oh, sometimes I have to turn it over or flip it from side to side never once thinking I was doing anything wrong. 

But this week I found out from the many media giants as well as the Bishop of the Episcopalian Church in Washington, DC that I just proved myself a heathen because I may have inadvertently held the precious book UPSIDE DOWN. 

Perhaps this is the unpardonable sin the scriptures talk about!!!! 

I was amazed that the Right Reverend Mariann Buddle made sure we all knew what her “rank” was and how offended she was the  President did not get her permission to enter her church, which of course, it is not. 

Not only that but he further offended her because he carried a Bible upside down!

It seems position, pride and unkind words are not just typical of the U.S. President.

Second lesson learned was the total hypocrisy of the Covid-19 lock-down, stay in your house, wear a mask etc. etc. 

I am just a bit upset about how thousands of protestors are allowed to gather, do their share of yelling, jostling and so on due to the murder of one man in Minnesota.  

Yet in Canada, funerals could not be held, weddings had to be set aside, graduations became “virtual” rather than the real McCoy. 

Sons and daughters of the elderly were not allowed to visit or even see their parents who were suffering from tremendous distress, being forced to stay in a room by themselves which in some cases contributed to their passing away. 

Why didn’t we think of just calling these events “protests”?

Third lesson learned is when one threat does not work let’s add another and another and another! 

The citizens of Canada, as well as many other places in the world, have been subjected to unending fear-mongering since the beginning of 2020. 

Just as the light finally begins to shine and maybe our lives could return to normal, along comes another “the sky is falling” disaster.  

Once again the demon of racial prejudice and bias has completely taken over and we now must march in lock step to that tune!

What will be next, oh, yes the U.S. election. Surely that will provide all the nasty, bias, junk to enable all those who love to throw monkey wrenches into our lives to have a great summer and fall. 

Rather than face masks maybe we should start buying ear plugs!!!

Faye Pearson

Stettler, Alta

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