Drumheller Super $100,000 win

Bill Osborne of Drumheller might have more than a few things to say about his big win. However, it only took 10 words to win $100,000 on his super crossword scratch ‘n win ticket!
Bill likes to play scratch ‘n win lottery tickets and purchased a few from Drumheller Co-op. He took them home and began to scratch his super crossword ticket. “I just kept uncovering words,” he said. So he began to write his words down on a separate piece of paper to keep track of them. By the end of it, he had 10 words – winning the $100,000 top prize for the game!
“Oh my god,” was his reaction to the discovery. However, he’s not so stunned that he doesn’t have some ideas about how to spend his windfall. Bill will pay off a new vehicle and buy some furniture with his winnings. The rest he plans to put in the bank. “This will help make my retirement easier,” he said of the win.

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