Drumheller Seniors Foundation boasts clean bill of health

Written by Terri Huxley

Coun. Robin Thompson-Lake reported no meetings during this pandemic while Dep. Mayor Jordan Elliot noted one meeting with the Marigold Library System where she talked about library pickups during COVID-19 with more to be expected with the province slowly phasing services back in.

Many have still been utilizing the e-resources and virtual programming in the meantime.

Mayor Sisley, at the regular meeting on Thurs. May 14, had a few important meetings but found the Drumheller Senior Foundation to be the most important.

“I’m very, very pleased to announce we have not had one person in Sunshine or Hill View (Lodge) sick in any way whatsoever. It came at a cost for that though,” he said.

So far the foundation has spent $30,000 in COVID-19 materials with the Town of Drumheller picking up the bill for it.

In a recent council meeting, councillors were questioned why they should be the one footing the bill when there are plenty of other members in the foundation that can pitch in.

Mayor Sisley is hoping higher levels of government will provide some relief for foundations like this one but said it’s ‘one of the things that’s fallen through the cracks.’

If they don’t, the foundation’s requisition will most likely increase.

The government is still going ahead with the SL4 building holding 30 rooms. It will be built just north of the Hill View Lodge.

Mayor Sisley is on the steering committee and said that the project is moving slower than anticipated because of the coronavirus.

At the same time the new building will be constructed, they will also be tearing down the 500 wing in Sunshine Lodge as the small rooms were built in the 50s and have a hard time being occupied.

The foundation will be working with the province to use contractors and designers by riding on their coat tails so to speak.

Although this is happening, the foundation is still on the hook to provide upwards of $1.2 million to furnish the new wing.

The cost is associated with the state of the art equipment required to meet government standards for 24-hour care.

He noted that if people wish to donate, they can go to the bottle depot in Drumheller and ask to put their bottle money towards the Seniors Foundation account.

The Drumheller Advisory Committee has been busy seeing how communities are affected by COVID-19 so far.

Sisley noted that many communities are either opening completely or are keeping things as they are currently for the time being.

For Delia, most businesses are staying cautious, operating as they are now.

Delia Campground won’t open until June 15 at the earliest.

CAO Report

CAO Breese has just started her new position with the village, working roughly three days a week.

“I haven’t quite found my rhythm but hopefully in the next month or two [I will],” said Breese.

No cheque registers were ready at the time of council as well as the bank reconciliation.

“Everything is run, just no report to show you,” said Breese.

Mayor David Sisley noted that these need to be up online as well which Breese said had not been done yet as she was unaware.

Beginning next meeting, Ed Pedersen of public works will be providing a written report to council as sitting in on meetings is outside of his normal working hours.

Breese reported that Pedersen has finished most of the street cleaning in the village this week, using new brushes that were purchased last month.

New blades and guards are expected to be coming soon as well.

When asked about weeds, no formal written requests have been made to tackle this situation but council directed administration to get a quote from certified contractors within the area as well as Starland County to bring back to the next meeting.

Lastly, CAO Breese mentioned there have been some glitches in the system regarding automatic billing for utility bills, stating the ones from May 1 were affected.

An accountant will be in to take a look and hopefully solve the problem.


Terri Huxley

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