Drug catastrophe   

I have been thinking about this topic for a column for some time but I can assure you that I am not an expert on this matter.  My wife suggested that I should chose a nice topic to write for Christmas but nothing comes to mind at the moment.

This is not what I would describe as a nice topic but it really does require some serious attention.

What we have are hundreds of people dying by unknowingly ingesting heroin and cocaine laced with the opioid fentanyl or the even the more serious one carfentanil.

These drugs are so potent that an amount as small as a grain of salt can create an overdose that will kill you.

We have governments, federal and provincial, that are prepared to risk the economy’s of the entire country over this silly business of climate change but in my mind they are not prepared to tackle one of the most serious issues that this country has faced in decades.

There have been over 2000 people die in Canada so far this year from drug over  doses.

A short time ago there were 13 people died in British Columbia in on day, 11 of them in Vancouver.

What was the response? . . . We have a serious situation. We need more treatment centres and safe injection sites but there is no serious discussion about tackling what the real problem is, and that is how do we eliminate the people that are marketing and dispensing these drugs.

If it were a health pandemic or terrorists eliminating this many people, can you imagine what the reaction of our government would be.

There would be no end of resources put in place to bring an end to the carnage.

It seems that the lives of drug addicts dying are not as important as the lives of people in the general public dying from a disaster of another cause.

I do not have a fundamental problem with safe injection sites but I do think that they really do not accomplish very much because the addict has already purchased their drug so if the poison is in the drug they could still have an overdose that could kill unless they remain at the site where treatment may be available.

This problem will never get solved unless the government is prepared to go after the people that are dispensing this poison.

The municipalities simply do not have the enforcement resources to take on the gangs and drug dealers that market this stuff. 

However the federal government does have a very good resource. It is called the ARMY. Instead of sending our soldiers all over the world to solve someone else’s problem, maybe they could be used to solve a serious problem in this country.

I have been perplexed for some time now as to why the people that sell this stuff are not being tracked down and charged with murder because these people have to know damn well that there is a chance the individual they sold the drug to will be dead by next day.

Every individual that is involved with importing and selling this stuff should be arrested, charged and locked up.

The army should be involved with assisting border services with finding the stuff that is being imported, by any means available including the use of sniffer dogs.

The army should be patrolling every street in the country to track  down those that are selling this stuff, right up to senior gang members.

Of course we will be told that we can’t do that because it would be infringing on the charter rights of those people. It would have  to be proven before hand that the perpetrator’s  knew their product was killing people. 

Another argument  is, you would be  infringing on their privacy, so better to let them kill hundreds of innocent people rather than go to such drastic steps.

You see, in this country, criminals have more rights than their victims!

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