Drainage solutions complicated

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The new school in Bashaw seems to have created a drainage issue for a nearby house and council is struggling to find a solution.
The way that the school is built, rain water now runs into the nearby house, which was built in about 1942. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Theresa Fuller said the town doesn’t know if the house was built before the culvert or the culvert constructed before the house, adding that standards were different then than they are today.
“We have a culvert draining into residential property,” said CAO Fuller. “It’s not acceptable.”
But she acknowledged there are limitations how the town can address the situation. The culvert can’t be moved because that would only move the problem onto another property owner’s land, she said.
“We have minimal solutions at this time.”
Brian Boutin, who was scheduled to give a presentation at the Oct. 20 council meeting but then declined, said all the water near the school is going into the drain and into his mother’s property.
He added, during a phone interview Oct. 24, that he was concerned about the water runoff in the spring.
“There’s no water in the basement (yet) and we hope it remains that way.”
CAO Fuller said the town is looking to see if the issue can be dealt with when they complete the 54 Ave. project.
“We are land locked and there’s development all around,” she added. “You can’t just change how drainage goes and fix it instantly. We have minimal solutions at this time. We’re working on it.”

Unpaid taxes bylaw approved

Bashaw council, at its regular meeting Oct. 20, gave third and final reading to a bylaw allowing council to roll unpaid tax balances to the owner of a trailer park.
The bylaw was generated after the town made several unsuccessful attempts to get tax assessment information from a local trailer park owner. This gives the town a tool to follow through with tax recovery procedures if necessary.
The Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires owners of trailer parks to provide monthly reports to the CAO regarding ownership of trailers, serial numbers, year, make, size and movement of trailers coming in and out of the park.
The last listing the town has from the trailer park owner was from 2012.

Cemetery upkeep

Bashaw town council voted in favour of advertising for a contractor to care for the cemetery grounds instead of hiring an employee.
CAO Fuller said it could cost the town $8,000 to $10,000 for a season or it could cost as much as $20,000 to $40,000 a season.
Earlier this year the Bashaw Women’s Institute notified the town they would no longer care for the cemetery after the end of the year.
The maintenance needed includes grass cutting, ongoing repairs, hole filling and leveling of graves as well as general neatness of the cemetery.

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