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Paintearth council received at their regular meeting on Sept. 13, a draft of a proposal whereby the County would support youth that participates in recreation and culture at a provincial, national or international level.
This would be a one-time yearly contribution of $50 per child (18 years or younger). The parents/guardian of the child would complete an application form with documentation for approval.
Additionally, applications can still be made to County council to sponsor provincial, national and international events that are being hosted in the Paintearth region.
The draft was discussed and will be revised from the previous draft and a revised draft circulated to council for comments.
Coun. Brian Bunbury moved the revised draft proposal be brought back for further discussion.

Preston Tower
The County of Paintearth tabled the decision to sell Syban Systems Ltd. the Preston Tower for $8,000.  The Preston Tower was purchased in 2007 for $78,082 and was set up to depreciate over 20 years. It is sitting on the County’s books at $45,794. They have eight remaining customers on that tower and feel that it is not feasible to continue having the tower.
It was unknown if the users would be able to access another supplier as they are unknown.

Sight line
County councillors agreed to improve the sight line for exiting a lane way on a road for a ratepayer on the NE 30-38-09 W4.
The County would cut 3 – 4 feet off the hill improving and build up a 400 metre low section to the north of the laneway.
This will take approximately five working days to complete at an estimated cost of $20,000.

Fire pits
The Fire Bylaws 647-16 and 648-16 require a screen over fire pits within the County of Paintearth. Upon completion of research into the costs of buying new pits, councillors motioned that Public Works build 55 new fire pits with screens with funds from the 2016 welding budget at an approximate cost of $22,000.

Road Allowance purchase request
Council received a request to consider the closure for the purpose of sale of a road allowance right-of-way between the NE 23 and SE 26-35-14 W4.
The County’s grazing and fencing and now farming agreement has been amended recently to include situations such as these where the right-of-way is not developed it may be farmed.
Also, as identified in the County’s 2012 emergency exercise this right-of-way could be potentially used as dry overland escape route for landowners trapped on the west side of Sullivan Lake requiring emergency evacuation through a  dried lake bed portion.
Council motioned the request to purchase the road allowance right-of-way between NE 23 and SE 26-35-14 W4 be declined and that the landowner be encouraged to complete a farming agreement with the County.

Council forgave an invoice amount of $4212.50 for Stephen Rayfield who met with council to discuss his invoice from the fire that spread from a fire pit.
Discussion was on the fire incident and the bylaws that were in place at the time of the incident, as the fire resulted from an act of nature.

Capital requests
The County will provide $85,789 from the Fire Restricted Surplus to the fire departments for their capital requests for 2016.

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