Dr. Bob Graham resigns as Village of Morrin councillor

After confirming with Chief Adminstrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner that it was public knowledge, Mayor Howard Helton announced to the gallery of four at the May 23 Special Meeting that Coun. Bob Graham had resigned from his position as councillor for the Village of Morrin.

No reason was given in his letter of resignation to the Village.

Helton then went on to apologize for the mistake he made in allowing the discussions and negotiations of the retirement/severance issue to be discussed in an open meeting until council had reached some consensus on the issue.

“Closed session, as this is a personnel issue, is the appropriate place for this activity,” he stated.

Council voted to rescind the resolution passed at the May 15 council meeting with regard to polling the village residents for input on the issue.

Council then moved into a closed session for 10 minutes before reconvening back into the open meeting where council motioned to seek legal advice before proceeding further with retirement/severance discussions with CAO Plachner.

Church property

Mayor Helton informed council at the May 15 regular council meeting that the Morrin United Church Board was decommissioning the Church as of May 26; the date of the last service.

The Church Board must determine the disposition of the building with options of putting it up for sale or possibly turning it over to an organization such as a senior’s group or Museum Society.

“There’s all kinds of possibilities if someone wants to do that,” said M’Liss adding, “I would like to see the Village acquire it and then see what it could be used for.”

“We would need to know what the cost of running it involves,” said Coun. Graham prompting council to ask for further information.

Other business

Public Works Foreman Dave Benci provided information regarding sidewalk lifts, the one by the hall and by the church being the most serious, would cost about $1,700 to $2,000.

There are actually 12 spots but not as serious.

Council tabled the item until a comprehensive list containing the priority of each fix and costs be provided to council for budgeting.

The demolition company has agreed to repair the damage done to the sidewalk when demolishing the burned-out remains of the County building.

A great deal of time at the three hour meeting was back and forth on conduct and procedure issues, meeting structure, and Municipal Affairs Act (MGA) regulations.


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