Dr. Beverly Brilz wins 2020 RhPAP Rhapsody Physician Award 

Dr. Beverly Brilz  Photo courtesy of Wainwright Star-News
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Dr. Beverly Brilz 
Photo courtesy of Zak McLachlan, Wainwright Star-News

Wainwright’s very own Dr. Beverly Brilz has won the 2020 RhPAP Rhapsody Physician Award after the announcement was made Wed. May 28.

The Rural Health Professions Action Plan (RhPAP)’s recipient was selected based on the extent of both of her medical and community contributions, as well as the numerous testimonials received reflecting her dedication to her patients, her health-care team, and to the broader community.

“Dr. Brilz has demonstrated great leadership in her 38 years as a physician. She is also an active fundraiser in the community, as well as a generous donator herself,” stated RhPAP in their online announcement video.

Dr. Beverly Brilz  with a baby she helped deliver. Photo courtesy of Sarah Hissett, Dr. Brilz’ nominator.

She has been in the healthcare profession since 1982 and currently operates out of her own personal clinic as well as the Wainwright Health Centre.

Dr. Brilz has been heavily involved in the community, being a member of the local Rotary club and has helped with several fundraising projects throughout the years including the current drive to raise $2.2 million for a CT scanner for the hospital.

Fellow physician Max Ramsahoye nominated Dr. Brilz saying, “Dr. Brilz has always been, and continues to be a pillar of her community both medically and personally. She demonstrates a tireless work ethic and inclusiveness with all those around her.”


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