Downfall of western society

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Watching current events is, I assume akin to watching a science fiction movie or reading the book. Since I don’t do either I liken it to reading George Orwell or Ayn Rand because their writings have turned to reality.

Who could have predicted that Canada and the USA would have leadership, in my opinion, that would be working to disarm it’s law-abiding citizens, imprisoning and freezing bank accounts of peaceful protestors while encouraging violence, theft and arson as well as division between the races.

I originally attributed it to incompetence, there certainly is enough evidence if you watch Prime Minister Trudeau, his Liberals, President Biden, his Vice President and the squad.

However, if you consider that the Chinese Communist Party is so emboldened as to send a spy balloon over North America, buy farm land, oil companies and coal to generate power to produce solar panels for gullible North Americans, there must be more.

The World Economic Forum along with George Soros appears to be major players in the downfall of Western society. The elites travel in their private jets and limousines to Davos where they devise plans to curtail private automobile ownership (except for them of course), the shutting in of oil and gas (except for them of course), the elimination of cash and establishment of digital currency and ID.

Far fetched? China has already done it, in my opinion.

Since Prime Minister Trudeau, President Biden and their minions are obviously not smart enough to carry out a master plan; who is? Remember where the virus came from and who is building the solar panels.

Gord Snell
Three Hills

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