Dossier thrown into File 13

Dear Editor,
What a windfall Donald Trump has been for Justin Trudeau and the Canadian media.Not a day goes by that we are not treated  to all the US President has said and done and even some things he has not.
I cannot explain the almost morbid curiosity of Canadians (myself included) regarding all that has taken place in the last two years in the realm of the political scene down south.
This, as I said, is a windfall for all of our politicians.  Ah, the heat is off.  Trudeau can run about as much as he wants with little or no coverage by the media.
Do any of us even remember his campaign promises or whether or not they have been fulfilled?
Trump has provided the media with an unlimited source of talking points.  They are never at a loss for material.  What difference does it make if any of it is true, the Canadian public hate Trump according to their polls, so they keep churning it out.
Trump has so many titles, it’s hard to keep up. Misogynist, racist, stupid, liar liar and the list goes on.
Never mind that he easily defeated 16 other candidates for president, never mind that he beat the socks of Hilary Clinton, well not taking into consideration the two lefty states, California and New York State which are the reason everyone says he did not win the majority and therefore should not be president.
I guess the Democrats are as confused as we are regarding the electoral vote system!
Now we have a real boondoggle as to who the real “peeping tom” is, Russia or ?????.
What I find interesting is how almost everyone reporting on this story talks about why did Trump tweet the accusation that Obama was involved in wire tapping Trump Tower, the home base of his campaign.  Was that wise or even accurate?
To me the reason is obvious.
For years the US Government has been spying on their citizens, collecting info and storing it just in case it is needed.
Whistle blower, Edward Snowden is in exile today because he leaked top secret information about the US National Security Agency’s surveillance activities. Why?, because he thought the average citizen should know what their government was up to.
When ayone in the former or present American government claims there is never any wire tapping carried out by them, they forget that Snowden has already shot holes in that statement.
Is it possible that Trump has recognized the only way to put an end to this is by this outrageous tweet? The fall out being a complete investigation of all the leaks and accusations, not just what he is accused of.  Could he possibly be that clever?
Time will tell.
Up to now I have never been the least concerned about what information our government has on me because I felt it would be so boring a read, they would quickly throw my dossier into file 13.
Given what is going on with our neighbour, I have started to re-think the possibility of being on the wrong side of the politically correct system and even perceived as a threat.  This letter being evidence that could some day be used against me.
I agree it sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  But if we hear the sound of gestapo boots on our doorstep one day, we may wish we had a man like Donald Trump on our side rather than the Orwellian government we now have.
Faye Pearson
Stettler, Ab.

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