Done nothing

Why has her government not represented Alberta interests regarding Bill C69?

What she has done, realizing she has a small chance of getting re-elected, is spent $35 billion on an advertising campaign extolling the benefits of a pipeline, a taxpayer-funded re-election ploy.

The editorial stated that the majority of Canadians support a pipeline, implying that the Premier deserves credit, nowhere showing what the support was before the advertising blitz.

I believe if minds were changed it was not because of the Premier but because of industry and ordinary Albertans actions.

She has done nothing to improve Alberta’s lot in Canada but has run up a huge deficit and is Premier of a province with high unemployment, according to Statistics Canada.

Forty-five per cent of young men, 25 and under, in Alberta are unemployed.

She has not protested equalization which is stacked against Alberta, and for Quebec.

If she was really concerned about Albertans and not obsessed with furthering a socialist ideology, she would kill the carbon tax and quit the foolishness of forcing so-called renewable energy on the power grid.

It may be viable someday but even though it may be cost competitive, it is not consistent or reliable.

She should be able to look at Ontario to see the mess that the solar and wind ideologues have made.

Despite her words and actions, she has accomplished absolutely nothing regarding pipeline building and investment capital is fleeing Alberta.

Even if the NDP is defeated in the next election the damage that they have inflicted on Alberta will last for years.

Premier Notley will leave a disastrous legacy.


Gord Snell

Three Hills, Ab.

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