Dogs must be on leash in Village

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures 10 kilowatt Solar PV system in Morrin Alberta at the water plant installed by Goose Creek Renewable Energy.
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A short meeting for priority agenda items only was held on Mon. July 24 so three letters to the Morrin council and one delegation were put off until the August meeting.
When asked if one of the letters to council would be on the agenda at the next meeting, CAO Annette Plachner replied, “Possibly”.
Deputy Mayor David MacLeod motioned to adopt the monthly financial report and payables.
The Accounts Payables list had five items blacked out but the personnel wage that is an item that is not for public information was not blacked out.
Animal control was paid $250 and an extra $50 to the CAO, listed as an extra meeting which was not known to residents or the media for coverage.
Flushing the sewer lines cost the village $1464.75.
Concern for kids climbing on the sod house will be brought to the Morrin committee that manages the sod house, “because there’s kids on there all the time,” said CAO Plachner.
Signs informing the public that dogs must be on a leash at all times will be placed around town and ‘no dogs allowed on ball diamond’ sign will also be erected.
“Sure been doing a good job,” noted Mayor Lacher regarding the public works report.
Photos were also circulated of “our stuff found buried in the grass behind the County shop,” said CAO Plachner.
The Property Tax Arrears sale date was set for Sept. 13 and will be advertised in the Gazette and the Drumheller Mail with notification going out to the property owners.
CAO Annette Plachner was appointed Returning Officer for the upcoming municipal elections in October.
CAO Plachner reported her intentions to attend the Municipal Affairs meeting for learning of all the changes to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) in Drumheller on Aug. 22 – 23.
“I think I’ll just go one day,” said Plachner.
“I guess it’s crucial to have,” noted Mayor Lacher. CAO noted that council members were also being encouraged to attend these meetings.
Council dealt with no old business or correspondence.
Deputy Mayor David MacLeod had no report.
Mayor Lacher reported on two meetings she attended for Sunshine Lodge seniors housing.
Following an hour and seven minute in-camera session (no public allowed), listed as ‘legal’ on the agenda, no motion was made and the meeting was adjourned.
When media requested a copy of the monthly financial reports, public works report, and accounts payable list, no response was given.
According to the Municipal Government Act, all documents presented or discussed at the public meeting is a public document and therefore must be made available to the public.
The media then delivered a Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy (FOIPP) application for access to these documents to the FOIPP Officer, Annette Plachner.
If the application is denied, the public can then make a complaint with the FOIPP Commissioner.

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