Does not really save energy


Hooray! Spring is here. No, I’m not referring to the fact that March 21 has come and gone or that we have had a warm winter and the snow is all gone.

What I am referring to is that we have Daylight Saving Time (DST)again till next November. I don’t know about you but I find this change unsettling each and every year when it occurs.

We are told that the purpose is to save energy.  As near as I can tell there are still the same number of daylight hours as there was before.

At first the whole exercise can be somewhat confusing.  Will I be eating my meals sooner or later tomorrow?  Do I have to get up earlier?

Saturday when I got up it was daylight, Sunday when I got up it was still dark so I had to turn the lights on. How does that save energy? On Saturday evening we are told to set our clocks an hour ahead. Well that is not too difficult, but come fall we have to reverse the process.

That can be somewhat tricky as some clocks cannot be wound backwards like my old grandfather clock. It has to be stopped till the right time.

Now in this modern age we have time devices on our computer, phone, TV and I have one on my weather station. As luck would have it the one for my satellite dish did not change, so that required a call to Shaw to have them change it.

That was not the end of the process.

Our cars also have clocks in them and this old dinosaur can’t figure out how to set digital clocks. My car has two clocks, one is a real clock but the other one is in the entertainment centre.  I haven’t a clue how to set that one. We haven’t figured out how to set the one in my wife’s car for years so it doesn’t get changed.

Last fall I got into one of my son’s harvest machines and low and behold it was still on standard time.

If I remember right, this foolishness started when we were involved with World War II. Some “egg head” figured out that the productivity for the war machine could be increased by moving the clock ahead one hour. In fact, if I remember right, in Great Briton it was moved a head two hours.

We all figured that when the war was over we would go back to standard time year round. It was not to be.

The social engineers figured out that by moving the clock ahead in the summer time that the nine to five city people would have time to play a game of golf after supper or go walk in the park or what ever. I always figured that it was a conspiracy by the elite to get more work out of farmers.

Everyone knows that any self respecting farmer is going to work till it gets dark if the weather is right for what he is doing, so by increasing the amount of day light after supper that will force the poor farmer will get more work done.

As far as I am concerned there is no need any longer to put society through this silly process twice every year. The world has become so globalized and commercialized now that in my opinion Daylight Saving Time does not really save energy, it just causes time change stress for the population.

I say just leave it on DST year round. That way it would not be getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Actually the Christmas lights would get turned on an hour later and that would save energy!

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