Doctor retention and recruitment a top priority

Doctor retention and recruitment remains a top priority for the County of Paintearth. At their regular council meeting on November 6, 2012, members were advised that Lara Harries is the new recruiter for AHS in the Central Region.
Harries will be swinging through in late November to get an overview of the issues facing towns in her new region.  She will meet with local retention and recruitment committees in Provost and Stettler on November 21, Consort and Coronation on the 22, and Castor on November 23.

Coronation, Castor and Consort (CCC) have a joint retention and recruitment committee that works to recruit and support doctors and other medical professionals.  “Each town benefits when we work together”, said George Glazier, County Reeve.  “When Consort gets a doctor, it means Coronation and Castor also get a doctor because they split calls.”  Cooperation is seen as the key to better serving the medical needs of rural areas.
Central Alberta is short 87 doctors. Province wide, there is a shortfall of 800 doctors. It was noted that only a small number of rural students graduate from the University of Alberta medical school,.
Snow plowing
Requests from Paintearth Mines (ATCO) and Capital Power for priority or additional slow plowing have been denied by County Council.
ATCO installed a new environmental station a kilometer north of Flint Shop on RR 160, a road that has never been maintained by the County.  ATCO will be advised that if they need access to this site, they must plow the road themselves.
On November 5, Capital Power met with E. Manz, County Public Works. Capital Power was seeking priority plowing for roads needed to access their new Wind Farm towers.  Manz advised the officials that Capital Power knew up front that many of the roads they would need weren’t normally plowed or plowed on a low priority basis.  The County will not be changing their snow plowing priorities to accommodate Capital Power’s demands.
Road work
Brushing and mulching will start within two weeks, hopefully beating a heavy snow fall.

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