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Mayor Doug Irving and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandy Otto reported to Hardisty council on the conference call with Dr. Dan Edgcumbe the medical director for Central Alberta and Marlene Young the Medical Affairs Director in charge of recruitment to discuss getting another doctor for Hardisty at their regular Oct. 23 meeting.

Hardisty currently has one doctor.

CAO Otto stressed in the conference call that not only is it of the utmost importance for the residents of Hardisty and surrounding area to have access to medical care when needed.

With all the economic activity involved in the oil and gas industry throughout the Hardisty area, the population can significantly increase, and it is imperative that the emergency department remain open and that there be a doctor on call at all times.

Hardisty’s population is around 554 people but that number can change quickly when an influx of oilfield employees are working in the area.

If all the hotels, motels, rental accommodations, private room accommodations and campgrounds in and out of town are full this can easily add over 850 or more people to the town, not to mention all the people driving in from neighbouring towns to work.

CAO Otto and Mayor Irving were assured that while Hardisty is understaffed there would be locum doctors coming to provide coverage until the end of the year and then the issue will be reviewed.

Procedural Bylaw Council will be reviewing the town of Hardisty’s Procedural Bylaw for amendments as some of the items in the bylaw have now been dealt with in the approved Council Code of Conduct Bylaw and Public Notification Bylaw.

The Procedural Bylaw includes rules governing the procedures and the regular business of the council meetings and the council committees and defines the duties of the Chief Administrative Officer and designated officers.

Council reports

Council requested CAO Otto to set up a meeting with Gibson Energy to discuss all the trailers that are parked on one of Gibsons properties in town.

Topics that will be addressed are what the plans are for the immediate and future maintenance of the yard regarding weed control, placement and condition of trailers, among other issues.

New recycling bins

New relabeled recycling bins have been placed around Hardisty and it is the intent that these bins will make it easier for people to put their clean recycled items in the proper bins.

“As long as people read the signs hopefully we will not get too much contamination,” commented Deputy

Mayor Dean Lane. Deputy Lane went on to say that it will be a bit of a learning curve and that it is a work in progress.


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