Doctor from Africa makes Stettler home

Stettler’s newest physician, Dr. Marvin Bailey, who hails from South Africa, began practising at the Stettler Medical Clinic on Monday. Bailey specializes in orthopaedics, emergency room/trauma, surgery and is applying for obstetric privileges. Bailey is one of the physicians actively recruited by the Stettler Town and County’s recruitment committee. ECA Review/D.Johnston




A process that began two and a half years ago has finally culminated in a new physician practising in Stettler.
Dr. Marvin Bailey began accepting patients at the Stettler Medical Clinic on Monday after receiving his practice papers from Royal College (of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada).
Bailey, who hails from South Africa, is one of the doctors recruited through the Stettler Town and County Physician Recruitment program.
Moving to Stettler has been a positive experience explained Bailey. The recruitment team went above and beyond to make the doctor and his fiancé feel welcome when they arrived, even stocking the fridge and outfitting their new home. The efforts of the team made Bailey’s transition to Canada much easier.
The process of coming to Canada to work is a lengthy one, described Bailey. Getting documents verified and to the proper authorities took time and was expensive. As well, physicians must pass a qualifying exam here in Canada to allow them to practice.
The process from beginning to end is quite lengthy and physicians must be prepared to carry the additional financial burden for that period.
A significant part of Bailey’s South African practice dealt with severe trauma and diseases that are prevalent in poverty. Bailey expects a somewhat different aspect of practice in Canada with less trauma and more diseases related to aging or lifestyle.
Bailey specializes in orthopedics, emergency room/trauma, surgery and is applying for obstetric privileges. He has a special interest in men’s and women’s health, as well as sports medicine and takes a team approach to treating patients.
“You need to treat the whole individual,” stated Bailey. He sees complimentary practitioners like physiotherapists or psychologists as part of a patient’s entire treatment.
Treatment of an individual is a 50/50 endeavour for Bailey where the patients participate actively with the doctor to improve their own health.
Part of Bailey’s reason for coming to Canada was opportunity. He describes the economy of South Africa as quite bad with limited future opportunities. He and his fiancé have the eventual goal of Canadian citizenship.
Bailey will be practising full time in Stettler and he encourages those without a family physician to visit him. He stressed the need for people to have a family doctor. Emergency care is available but without a family doctor to follow up on care, a patient’s health can suffer in the long run.

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