District 4-H Beef Club Achievement Show

4-H clubs from left, Castor, Coronation, Conort, Brownfield and Altario gathered in Coronation on June 7 and 8 for the two day competition and sale.  ECA Review/D.Clark

Becka Schmidt of the Brownfield 4-H Beef club grooms her steer prior to entering the show ring for competition on June 8 in the Coronation arena.  ECA Review/D.Clark

Roslyn Pretty from the Brownfield 4-H Beef club is this year’s winner of the Grand Champion Steer named during the 4-H Beef annual District Sale held on June 7 and 8 at the Coronation arena. She sold her steer for $4.20/lb.  ECA Review/Submitted

 Cole Kubinchak took a brief nap during the 4-H Beef club annual District Sale held in Coronation on June 7 and 8.  ECA Review/Submitted

The annual District 4-H Beef Club Achievement show and sale was hosted by Coronation this year on June 7 and 8 in the Coronation Arena.

The communities of Altario, Consort, Brownfield, Castor and Coronation were all in attendance to represent their 4-H Beef clubs during the two-day event.

After a year of hard work including several days of judging at the club and district levels the following awards were given out for breeding, showmanship, grooming, judging and record books.

The district Grand Champion Steer was owned by Roslyn Pretty from Brownfield Beef and she sold her steer for $4.20/lb.; Reserve Champion: Chelsey Sieger of the Coronation 4-H Beef Club, who sold her steer for $3.60/lb.

Breeding: Champion Female – Aleigha Noble; Reserve Female and Champion Yearling Heifer – Roslyn Pretty; Reserve Yearling Heifer – Koryn Duncan; Champion 2 Yr. Old Female – Aleigha Noble; Reserve 2 Yr. Old Female – Koryn Duncan; Champion 3 Yr. Old Female – Aleigha Noble; Reserve 3 Yr. Old Female – Roslyn Pretty; Champion Herd – Aleigha Noble.
Group of Five:  1st – Altario;  2nd – Coronation.

Showmanship: Senior – Logan Welds; Reserve Senior – Chelsey Sieger; Intermediate – Daphnie Sortland; Reserve  Inter. – Greg Nelson; Junior – Abby Fuller; Reserve Junior – Vanessa Hadwin.

Grooming: Senior – Ryleigh Ference; Reserve Senior – Sarah Tkach; Intermediate – Roslyn Pretty; Reserve Inter. – Lauryn Perry; Junior – Kassie Kroeger; Reserve Junior – Vanessa Hadwin.

Judging: Senior Overall – Becka Schmidt; Reserve Senior Overall – Riki Doolaege; Intermediate Overall – Daphnie Sortland; Reserve Overall Inter. – Sydney Kubinchak; Junior Overall – Jesse Tkach; Reserve Overall Junior – Cole Kubinchak.
Rate of Gain – Syney Kubinchak with a 3.89.
Stall competition: 1st – Consort ; 2nd – Coronation
Record books: Senior – Sydney Elliott; Reserve Senior – Kyla Duncan; Intermediate – Koryn Duncan; Reserve Int. – Payton Elliott; Junior – Jessica Hadwin; Reserve Junior – Lauryn Perry.
Wraight Memorial – Jessica Kuziw

Coronation Grand Champion Steer – Koryn Duncan; Reserve Champion Steer- Lauryn Perry, Grand Champion Female – Koryn Duncan, 2yr. old; Reserve Champion Female – Rayanna Ramsay, Yearling Heifer.

Paintearth Grand Champion Steer – Baylee Freimark; Reserve Champion Steer – Spencer Doolaege.

Brownfield Grand Champion Steer –  Roslyn Pretty; Reserve Champion Steer – Aimee Caseley.

Consort Grand Champion Steer – Layne Hayworth; Reserve Champion Steer – Devon Hayworth.

Altario Grand Champion Steer – Aleigha Noble; Reserve Champion Steer – Kassie Miller.

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