Dispute resolution program defeated

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In response to internal disputes within council, Coronation Mayor Dawna Elliott requested on July 22 at the town’s council meeting that council consider and discuss enrolling in a Municipal Affairs dispute resolution program.
“It’s a good beginning at resolving any differences,” said Elliott.
An unanimous vote was needed for council to participate in a dispute resolution program.
All councillors agreed to participate except Councillor Brigley.
“Why do we need to enroll in a program when we can just sit down and talk about it?” asked Brigley of council.
Pedestrian signage
Council authorized the Communities in Bloom committee’s request to extend their walking path from the east side of Royal Street at the intersection with Imperial Avenue to the point where the sidewalk starts on the north side of the condos. Signage would be posted near or on the fence at Thornton Park to advise pedestrians of the start of the walking path.
Council also approved the Communities in Bloom committee’s request to install “pedestrian crossing” signage at the point where the walking path would cross Royal Street north of the condos.
It would cost the town approximately $250 to install pedestrian signage on either side of Royal Street.
Public hearing
Council has completed the subdivision and survey of a parcel of land located immediately south of the Coronation Community Hall.
As part of the approval for the subdivision, it is required the Pearl Bell Memorial Garden in the south east corner of the new parcel be rezoned from ‘highway commercial’ district to ‘community service’ district.
A public hearing is scheduled for August 12, 2013 to discuss any issues.

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