Disengaged people?

Dear Editor,
In just two short weeks we will be casting our votes for our next government. The trouble is why are people choosing to be disengaged?

In the past Alberta election only 53.7 per cent of people chose to vote and although that’s higher than the past election, the numbers are alarmingly small.

Why is this? These numbers are so low especially in my generation – the Millennials, which report at as low as 35.7 per cent according to Stats Canada.

At my workplace, our local farm dealership, around our shop’s coffee table two out of the 12 of us openly admit that they did not vote in this past election.

It is not as though they do not have an opinion, in fact they have openly made their opinions known. The reason that they did not vote is that one felt they could not spare the time to go to a polling station and the other simply did not care.

Is this a continuing trend or will it improve with age?
Stats Canada shows 68 per cent of people vote. Why are we not doing better? This is our future and for the future of generations to come, that our governments are choosing to make for us.

My wish for the public is not that they become involved in politics, I am asking that the public be mindful of what the promises that are being made are as well as the party mandates in the federal election campaign and then that they choose to vote on Oct. 19.
Kyle Toporchak,  
Hanna, Ab.

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