Disaster zone in short order

In the mid sixties when John Diefenbaker was the Prime Minister of Canada, a book was written about him. This book, “ A Renegade in Power” was very critical of Diefenbaker.
He was a very domineering and forceful leader. He was a person who could not be intimidated. If he decided on a course of action that was what was done even if it was a wrong decision.
During his reign as leader of the conservative party there was considerable conflict. The cancelation of the Avro Arrow was a high profile example of conflict in the party.
I got thinking about that book this past week when I was reading about our current Prime Ministers latest shenanigans.
Most of the mainstream media still seem to regard Justin Trudeau as their poster boy. He has such a nice gregarious personality. What is there to not like about him?
They seem not to take notice of the non-sensical stuff that comes out of his mouth both now and before he became the Prime Minister.
His unrealistic political correctness really came to the forefront a couple weeks ago when he attempted to correct a woman at a town hall who used the term mankind when asking him a question.
He said that she should have said “peoplekind, because it is more inclusive than mankind.”
That exchange went viral all over the world, and the responses have not been kind to Trudeau. He is basically a laughing stock the world over, as he should be.
Can you imagine the response of the media if Andrew Scheer were to utter something that stupid?
The above example is only one of the many gaffes recently committed by Trudeau.
You may recall a couple of his other gaffs from before he became Prime Minister, his statement that the budget would balance itself and his comment about how he liked China’s basic dictatorship because they could make decisions much faster than we could.
A recent gaffe had to do with the returning ISIS fighters. He compared them to Italian families settling in Montreal after the Second World War and how they were discriminated against due to their dress and religion.
This is a comparison that is really offensive to immigrants and refugees who came to Canada for opportunity and to escape violence.
The ISIS fighters were fighting against Canadian troops and they all should have been charged with treason as soon as they set foot in Canada.
His third gaffe was a real doosey, when asked about the government’s troubled relationship with Canada’s many veterans: “Why are we still fighting against certain veterans groups in court? His reply, “because they’re asking for more than we’re able to give right now.”
But they were able to give Omar Khadr, a terrorist, $10.5 million and they were able to spend millions and billions around the world on climate change and other feel good green projects.
The way he rationalizes issues makes absolutely no common sense.
Can you imagine what Canada would look like if he actually had dictatorial power?
There are many countries in the world today with dictators who are just as clueless as he is. Each one of those countries is a disaster zone.
A good example is Zimbabwe that had Robert Mugabe as a dictator for over 30 years. He totally destroyed a rich nation that was self-sufficient.
If Trudeau were allowed to have free reign, this country would also be a disaster zone in short order. In my opinion we are well on our way already.
The people of this country need to wake up and realize that an idiot in power is far more dangerous than a renegade in power. At least a renegade is somewhat predictable.

by Herman Schwenk

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