Disappointed in council’s dismissal of issue

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed to read Alix council dismissed a valid point a local resident has about speeding on Lake Street as written in March 10 edition of this newspaper.

The mayor is quoted ‘there are no stats he’s aware of showing Lake Street has a safety problem, and he spoke to other residents in the area and they don’t have concerns’.  

I have lived on Lake Street for just over a year now and highly believe there is a speeding problem from the stop sign in the middle heading south east.   

It’s worse in the spring and summer where speeds far exceed 50 kms.   What village does Barb Gilliat live in where ‘there are two large speed bumps that keep traffic under control’ on Lake Street??

Alix is a lovely small village and I too will live out my retirement here, but reading this newspaper every week has presented this relative newcomer with a council that seems out of touch with how small this place is and how few residents are actually here.   

By this I mean, get out and physically stand on Lake Street and view cars driving by.  

Council should dig in their heels and be out there door knocking to find out the real concerns of each resident instead of feeling like a single resident is a bother to them because she’s the only one to speak up and show she has pride and cares about her property and this village.


Don Middleton

Alix, Alta.

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