Devoid of facts

Dear Editor,

The teacher, Michael Zwaagstra who wrote his opinion on ‘woke ideology; pg. 7, Sept. 29 ECA Review titled: ‘Woke ideology doesn’t belong in schools’; lesson to us about the political indoctrination of woke ideology in schools, in my opinion, is devoid of facts and is stoking fear that woke will ‘take over’ schools making them ‘toxic’.

His accusation that ‘normal words’ are twisted into something different but does not cite any examples.

Especially the idea that parents will feel that their values are not being respected if woke is taught in schools. How can any teacher presume to know all parents’ values?

The term ‘woke’ originated in the 1930’s. It stems from the African-American vernacular phrase “stay woke”. It meant to be alert, when back then, it was imperative in order to avoid beatings and lynchings.

Today the message is be alert to racial prejudice and discrimination of ‘any’ kind.

So people, “stay woke’…be alert to those who attempt the political indoctrination of you.

Diane Wells
Bashaw, Alta.

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