Deviating the government more important than health and safety?

Dear Editor,

The internet is a place we can find unlimited information to support any argument. 

You read something, it resonates with you, that is your reality.  

Nobody really has their own ideas, it’s all influence of other people and the mash-up of our own unique life experiences.  Know what that means???  We are ALL sheep of different herds. 

Even if you don’t believe in COVID, there is something awful going around. Hospitals are full and people who are never taken down by illness are now on respirators.  

People are giving grief to these ‘COVID Parties’ but really….if you are in any social situation and not playing it safe, you are attending a COVID Party.   Remember, it takes only one person to make you sick and viruses don’t discriminate.

In regards to the vaccine, here are MY thoughts:

It makes no sense that a pharmaceutical company would have the intention to kill off all the doctors and health officials that make them money.  

It’s also a better financial choice for the government to save all the taxpayers! If modern science didn’t work, then the world wouldn’t be overpopulated. 

People take any other pharmaceuticals without question, yet the COVID vaccine is what will take them down??  Even Tylenol can cause serious allergic reaction or kill you. 

Rural Albertans are aggressive about refusing to get vaccinated or wear masks because they don’t want to feel controlled. 

If you pay your taxes and abide by the laws, you are….*drumroll please*….already controlled by the government.  

It’s a great time to question your morals if deviating the government is more important than your health or the safety of others.

I totally get it.  The vaccine is terrifying because all pharmaceuticals have potential for side effect (see above).  Not to mention, nobody enjoys wearing a mask!  

BUT! Social distancing and hygiene are easy and EXACTLY the same guidelines for any other flu. Stay away from people if you are unwell, wash your hands, cover your coughs/sneezes (properly!) and yes….get the flu vax.  

I really didn’t think there would come a day where people protest FOR spreading germs. But here we are.

The vaccine doesn’t make you a superhero.  The claims have always been, you are less likely to become hospitalized but you can still be a carrier. This means you are equally as dangerous to others as unvaccinated individuals.  

The vaccine is meant to relieve the health care system per individual.  It leaves your body and the rest is up to your immune system. The proof is in the boosters and the reason flu shots are annual.

There is no reason to shame those who are doing what they can to prevent contracting or transmitting illness by wearing a mask and/or social distancing.  Not only may someone else have high anxiety about it all, but you never know who’s immune system you are tampering with when you aren’t careful. 

Someone’s death could be in your hands because you had to prove your point. Not only COVID deaths but by being a part of stuffing up the hospitals and pushing back things like surgery or cancer treatments people have been waiting months for. It’s selfish.

After all, we certainly do have a choice!  Why not choose to accept that everyone has different beliefs without being a bully? We can’t all be right, but we can all be respectful!  

Whether you choose to get the vaccine or not is up to you.  Just as it is up to any business who they would like to cater to. We all want the same thing….to MOVE ON!

Peace, Love, and keep your cooties to yourself! 


Jessi Wadstein

Coronation, Alta.

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