Development Group expresses desire to work with council

Twenty-seven community members involved in the Hardisty Development Group (HDG) attended the Tues. Dec. 11 council meeting to express their desire to work hand-in-hand with council to attract new people and businesses to the Town of Hardisty.

The members of the HDG plan to brainstorm new ways that will highlight all the benefits of moving to Hardisty and to showcase the wonderful community they call home.

They will attend the Jan. 8 council meeting with some concrete ideas to present to council with the hopes that these ideas will be implemented.

“The main goal here is to promote Hardisty and to make it easier for families and businesses to move here, build here and become successful,” said Justine Ness.

“This will create jobs, more residents and in turn save our school,” as she gave a passionate speech on how the prosperity and growth of Hardisty are important to all community members.

Deputy Mayor Dean Lane mentioned to everyone that council meetings are always open to the public and that it was great to see such a large turnout.

Allan Johnstone School update

Kristie Foster, chair of the School Council and Parent Advisory Committee for the Allan Johnstone School in Hardisty presented an updated written report on the plans for the 2018-2019 school year.

The teachers at Allan Johnston have dedicated time to take the whole school on a monthly outing and the Parent Advisory Council has committed to fund all the bussing for these trips.

The Hardisty Ag Society has also offered school funds to implement a new recreational program that will be decided on soon.

The school is bringing back the Archery Program in the new year. Archery is an enjoyable sport that not only builds strength and develops fine motor skills, it can improve children’s focus and concentration which can be beneficial in all areas of their school life.

Foster encourages all community members to attend school council meetings even if they don’t have children in the school.

She feels a strong collective voice is needed in supporting the educational needs of the children of Hardisty.


The Interim budget was accepted by council and plans were made to have additional meetings to go over it in further detail before it is completed.

An open house will be planned before the budget is finalized as the public has specified in the previously conducted Public Engagement Survey that they would like to add input during the budget process.

Coverage for firefighters

The Town of Hardisty currently provides their volunteer firefighters with a Group Accident and Critical Illness plan.

Council has decided to show support to the firefighters and their families by providing additional coverage by joining the Volunteer Firefighter Member and Family Assistance Program (MFAP) at the cost of $2 per member per month.

This will increase the 2019 renewal rate from $1,332 per year to $1,788 per year which works out to $94.11 per member.

The MFAP will provide short-term counselling, life smart coaching services, online services and courses and a key person advice line.

Preschool program

The Town of Hardisty will donate $275 to cover the cost of the hall rental for the Ladies Night Out fundraiser in March that supports the Toddler’s Inn Playschool.

The playschool supports the community youth and prepares the children for grade school.


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