Devastating to residents at Galahad Care Centre

Dear Editor, 

The moving of Galahad Care Centre residents to other area facilities came as a big shock to me. 

This facility has cared for many of our area’s residents, including some of my own family. 

These seniors have lived full lives and contributed much to our communities. To move them out of their home with short notice and little explanation was devastating for residents and families. 

Why were the families and community not informed of these staff shortages, which had apparently been ongoing for months? 

Galahad Care Centre is located in a caring rural community. If people in the community had been made aware of the problem, they might have been able to help with finding a solution before it came to the crisis point of having to relocate residents. 

For example, I saw many of the positions available shared on Facebook after the moving of residents had been announced. Perhaps community organizations would have stepped up to offer recruitment incentives like housing or transportation assistance. 

It appears to me that perhaps the problem in finding staff is that many of the positions offered are part-time and with few benefits. To recruit and maintain a good core of staff, full-time permanent positions with benefits need to be available. Our residents deserve that.

Galahad Care Centre has consistently been one of the best continuing care facilities in the province. The family atmosphere created by caring staff, Auxiliary members and community volunteers is second to none. 

As soon as possible, I urge you to give the residents, their families, and the community, a firm date as to when residents can move back home to Galahad Care Centre.

I have sent this letter (above) to Leanne Grant, Alberta Health Services Area Director with copies to Hon. Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health and Ms. Jackie Lovely, MLA Camrose. 

I urge others who are concerned to do the same. 

Here are their email addresses:;; and, I also copied in Hon. Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health and Ms. Jackie Lovely, MLA Camrose.


John Oberg 

Forestburg, Alta.

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