Derelict vehicle concerns quashed after amendment

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Keeping the Town of Coronation clean and safe is an ongoing priority for town council.

Council passed a motion put forth by Coun. Jackie Brigley, at the regular April 8 council meeting to amend the current bylaw regarding derelict and abandoned vehicles.

The amendment was changed from, ‘no derelict vehicles allowed in excess of two ’, to “no” unregistered or uninsured vehicles’.

It goes on to clarify ‘but would be allowed stored in private buildings or storage facilities’.

Street light replacement

ATCO Electric has notified the town that 10 street light poles with lights are in need of replacement.

The project will cost a total of $20,224 with ATCO paying $17,032 and the town for the pole replacement will be $31,192 with the work to be completed by June 2020.

ATCO will be replacing them with 88 watt LEDs white lights compared to the 150-watt high-pressure sodium heads which produce a yellow tinge.

Rodeo Grounds overflow camping approved

Deryk Bossert was given approval by council to open up the lot next to the rodeo arena for overflow camping during the next rodeo weekend.

Every year, there are concerns when the public campground reaches its maximum capacity during that time.

Bossert had suggested it would also help ensure rodeo participants and visitors going to the beer gardens avoid driving or biking home after the consumption of alcohol.

The camping space will be allowed there during the rodeo only when the main campground becomes full and that those overseeing the rodeo grounds would be responsible for the upkeep including cleanup of that area.

There was also some discussion about the decline in attendance during the once popular rodeo weekend so some suggestions were made to encourage new spectators and contestants.

One of the projects being tackled this year is improvements to the grounds including the replacement of the old fence in exchange for a new one.

Financial Statements accepted

Endeavour Chartered Accountants found no issues with the town’s 2019 annual audit report.

Revenue increased by three per cent while expenses increased by 3.5 per cent with a shortfall of $18,307 in 2018.

Adding in the addition of government transfers, an excess of revenue over expenses for 2018 was $428,971 over $419,838 in 2017.

Accumulated surplus at 2018 year end is $11,761,197.

Taxes realized were up from $1,478,416 to $1,538,951 and transfers for operating from governments was up from $566,877 in 2017 to $614,811 in 2018.

Wages had gone up almost $20,000, transfers to individuals and organizations went up $5,135; contracted and general services went up $61,047, materials, goods, supplies and utilities went up $38,569; and interest on capital long term debt went down $2,430.

Not including the amortization and 2017’s loss on disposal of tangible capital assets, 2018 saw an increase of $113,863 in consolidated expenses.

In accumulated surplus, unrestricted surplus came in at $109.154; restricted surplus at $2,586,68 and equity in tangible capital assets at $9,065,376.

The $2 million in restricted surplus is allotted to capital projects for fire equipment, roads, water, sewer lagoon, recreation, airport, Recreation Wellness Centre, administrative, and common services as well as for general capital contingency and physician recruitment operating.

Memorandum of Agreement

The Coronation & District Housing Society is working towards drafting a new Memorandum of Agreement that is reflective of the merging on the interests and assets of the Coronation & District Seniors Housing Society with the Coronation Regional Health Services Board (Assisted Living) as the Town of Castor has requested amendments to be made to a previously approved draft agreement.

Removing Objective #1, that used the words “Coronation and area” and have Objective #6 replace it with the new wording is all inclusive of the County of Paintearth, stating “Work cooperatively with other stakeholders in the development of social/affordable housing opportunities within the Paintearth region in order that residents may age in place”.

Council has recommended a minor wording change to did not approve it as presented.

Wage grid for pool employees Sheri Wuzinski provided council with survey results on wages for swimming pool managers and lifeguards from Castor, Consort, Oyen and Provost which indicated Coronation’s wages are lower than all other municipalities.

Council did not make any changes to the grid for 2019.

Campground improvements

CAO Sandra Kulyk reported her work with town staff for planning and designing of a new washroom/shower house/laundry space for the campground.

They will be obtaining an estimate for construction costs to be included in the 2019 budget.

Plans are to include servicing the group area sites with sewer in addition to the existing water and power services.

It also incorporates an attached garage/shop area to store equipment including mowers and a bobcat for campground maintenance.


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