Democracy received a slap in the face

Dear Editor
Regarding the upcoming election in the Town and County of Stettler, I would very much like to encourage eligible voters to examine the issues carefully and vote carefully for their choice of candidate who they wish to represent them at the municipal level for the next four years.
Government affects all of us at the national, provincial and municipal levels and it is at the municipal level where our votes are most important.
The County of Stettler voters have some very important decisions to make and as Canadians, need to realize how important their individual votes are in this particular upcoming election.
County residents voted ‘NO’ in a vote of the electorate held Mon. June 27, regarding the wasteful expense and cost of the new county public works building.
Exactly 1047 eligible voters weighed in on the issue at voting
stations throughout the County, with 54 per cent of voters saying no to a new shop facility and 46 per cent of the voters saying yes.
The County Shop building is historically the largest capital project ever undertaken by the County of Stettler.
Never before had a plebiscite vote been necessary in the County of Stettler regarding such an important issue involving such a large expenditure of money.
Within days of the plebiscite being defeated, the sitting County of Stettler councillors voted to proceed with the building project using money that was meant for necessary new roads to pay for the cost of the building project.
Stettler County council bulldozed the majority vote and majority will of the public and spent a very large amount of money on a building that was much more than was needed.
SHAME on the councillors for defying the will of the people in a legal vote.
The government did not listen to the people. NOW is the time to make them listen.
Every Canadian who believes in democracy needs to vote and make certain that none of the incumbent county council candidates are returned to office.
Only Ernest Gendre was strong enough to stand up and vote against the spending frenzy of Stettler County councillors.
Please, as a Canadian, I am asking the County of Stettler municipal voters to take this opportunity and vote the incumbent councillors out of office. Democracy has received a slap in the face and voters need to stand up for Canada and for democracy.
Christine McGhee, former County resident
Rimbey, Ab.

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