Delusional thinking, UN Security Council


Recently our shiny new “nice hair” Prime Minister was in New York talking to the United Nations to promote Canada’s interests with that body.  He is seeking a spot on the list of rotating security council members for a term to commence in 2021.

Canada was denied a term on the council under the Harper Government because Canada criticized a number of the voting members due to their poor human rights record.
An editorial in the Edmonton Sun is supporting the PM’s efforts.

According to the Sun it is good for Canada, and the rest of the world, for Canada to have a voice at this table.

Well that may be so but I am of the opinion that the organization lacks credibility in many ways.
“Canada is committed to playing a positive and constructive role in the world in order to advance Canadian interests and make meaningful contributions to solving global challenges,” the PM said in a statement on March 16.

Also in an official release the government explained: “Trudeau and the Secretary General discussed a number of priority issues including climate change, refugee and immigration issues, peacekeeping and preventing violent extremism.”

This list is pretty impressive but the way the UN is structured I think they would just be spinning their wheels on all of these issues with the possible exception of the refugee issue.

As I have stated in columns before, mankind cannot, including the UN, make a difference on climate change.  All that will happen is that governments will waste billions  of dollars on this issue. Those dollars could be better used to make a real difference to the living conditions of people in some of the Third World countries.

Trudeau seems to have a  real hang up with peacekeeping.

As near as I can tell you can’t keep peace where there isn’t any peace to keep. Where does he think we should be peacekeeping? There has been a civil war raging in Syria for the past five years and is probably the reason that ISIS, an extremist caliphate even exists.

Does he think that situation is a candidate for peacekeeping?  To me where the UN could have made a difference was in Rwanda in 1994 where they were a “no show”.

I believe the mess in Syria and Iraq could have been stopped two years ago had the UN gone in there with a large well-equipped army. The problem with the way that the UN is structured today is that it is strongly influenced by left wing and other tin pot dictatorships that are intent on destroying the democratic member countries in the UN.

When countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran have members on the UN Human Rights Commission it tells you something about their credibility.

About three years ago a UN bureaucrat who is a special rapporteur for food was sent to Canada to report on the food supply situation for the disadvantaged Canadians.  He spent 11 days in Canada talking to the usual suspects, looking at whether poor people in Canada have adequate diets.

He reported that we have “a large number of  Canadians who are unacceptably too poor to feed themselves decently”.

A while later they sent another one of these bureaucrats over here to see how we were treating our indigenous people. Of course that report was even more scathing.

It seems to me that the UN has nothing better to do than stick their nose into the stable countries that finance their activities.

To me the majority of the UN membership make it a corrupt organization.

I think the PM is delusional if he thinks he can influence the performance of the UN, with or without the security council.

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