Delight in growing and sharing food

Good morning, Stu and Yvonne,

We would like to thank the ECA Review for hosting the first Facebook garden contest.

We entered on a whim, but it took a life of its own because it made us more aware of the pleasure of creating your own backyard beauty and the joy that comes along with it.

It also heightened awareness of the delight in growing and sharing your own food, whether it is in a box or backyard.

There were some very interesting photos.

I especially thank Stu for coming to visit us on a Saturday afternoon.

It was a lot of fun and you have a great outlook on life.

The article you wrote was well done and much appreciated.

The coverage was amazing and we have had some fun feedback.

I hope this blossoms into a contest that helps people promote the ability to create a viable food source in our climate. (Yes, even through frost in August.)

Thank you again to you, your paper and publisher, and the community for the support.


Walter, Veronica and Corwin Weber

Castor, Alta.

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