Delia water rate increased by two per cent

Written by Terri Huxley

Due to a three per cent rise in water fees from the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services Commission, Delia is following suit by increasing theirs by two per cent to be in line with the water service.

This increase will also help create a reserve to replace outdated infrastructure and aid in emergency situations involving water and wastewater as they arise.

The flat rate for residential spaces is now $25.50 from $25 previously.

The water rate is $3.70, up 10 cents.

Council agreed that administration should build into the budget  a total flush of water lines that would take place every five years to ensure water quality.

They also asked to have public works uncover and check the water quality in a manhole cover once a month.

Residents are reminded to not flush down wipes as they are not flushable even though they are advertised as such and can cause sewer backups to their or neighbours’ homes.

Within the last three years, Mayor David Sisley’s home has had four separate backups, causing damage.

From the last backup, public works discovered not only unflushable wipes but also tampons, shop rags and condoms.

Coun. Jordan Elliot suggested they put the message out there again to make it clear these items can cause problems within the public systems.

“It sounds tedious but we need to let them know,” she said.

She added that an information campaign wasn’t going to be enough this time as the same issue is appearing over and over again, specifically for one part of the village.

She offered to go door-knocking with pamphlets to share the problems and alert villagers of the seriousness of putting unnecessary items down the drain.

Mayor Sisley put in a claim against village insurance to pay for the floor replacement caused by the last backup on July 7.

It has been determined this was a village main-line issue.

Council was favourable to the ‘reasonable’ quote provided by Sisley but asked for more quotes before solidifying a motion to accept the charge.


Delia Fire Department Chief Dallas Stevens handed in his letter of resignation to the village.

He shared that he had “too many plates on my table” and needed to focus on personal matters.

Council accepted his resignation with thanks for his efforts over his term.


Terri Huxley

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