Delia sidewalk replacement set for 2021

Written by Terri Huxley

“Sidewalks are expensive,” began CAO Breese.

She and Mayor Sisley recently went over the tender packages received for the replacement of worn-out sidewalks within Delia.

Overall, she was ‘unimpressed’ with a few of them except for Olds Concrete Services.

This company was the lowest bid but was unable to begin this year as they are completely booked.

Council was okay with this though as it allowed all their work to be completed in one go which would complete all work needed for sidewalks for a long time.

“Just based on the cost I don’t know how I could recommend anyone else,” said the CAO.

A motion to follow through with awarding the sidewalk contract to Olds Concrete Services for the sum of $141,530 for next year was carried.

Franchise fees

ATCO Electric and Alta Gas’s annual review of franchise fees was brought to council for a decision.

After a short discussion, council chose to stick with both current fee rates as they did not want to increase any further for citizens.

Electricity is set at five per cent which amounts to $12,900 each year in revenue for the village.

Council felt they were right in line with other communities in the area.

Drumheller is at nine per cent, Stettler at 11.1 per cent, Hanna at 7.5 per cent, Morrin at 3.5 per cent, Donalda at 4.5 per cent, Big Valley at two per cent and Munson at one per cent.

As for gas, it is set slightly higher at 12 per cent which amounts to $17,463.11 in revenue for the 2021 year.

Average rates in the area are 18 per cent.


Terri Huxley

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