Delia School Enhancement Society reaches $1.2 million goal in eight months

In eight short months, the Delia School Enhancement Society (DSES) has successfully reached their fundraising goal of $1.2 million.

Their efforts are to be used to help with federal and provincial funding towards a new Kindergarten to Grade 12 School in the village.

A variety of fun and unique fundraising opportunities were pursued under the Make Your Mark Campaign especially the Boots and Bowties Gala which raised $68,000 and the ‘Ag for Ed’ charity steer named Sir Loin at $9,000.

“The Gala was a huge success. It was a great night for everyone who attended, with amazing food from Bev and Don Hall and incredible entertainment from Elton Lammie and his band and the Suit Jacket Society. We raised over $68,000 in a single night – a crazy, awesome number. That number was only possible because of our generous donors, community support and incredibly dedicated volunteers. We are so grateful and lucky to have the community we do,” said Robyn Thompson-Lake, DSES Social Media Lead.

On Thurs. May 2, students, teachers, parents, and DSES board members gathered in the school gymnasium to celebrate the incredible milestone, solidifying their dream by turning it into reality.

“The Make Your Mark campaign was a huge success – success only possible because of the incredible generosity shown by individuals, families, businesses, and communities. We raised over $1.2 million in under eight months – an amazing number that shows how important this project is to so many people. DSES is so excited to share this accomplishment with the many, many people who contributed,” said Amber Marshall, DSES President.

Now that the society has reached their fundraising target for the Make Your Mark campaign, the group is shifting focus towards raising funds to ensure the community spaces and new school facility are equipped and ready to welcome the community in 2020.

Some of the needs that have been identified include bleachers and infrastructure for the fieldhouse, green spaces and community garden areas, community library supplies and enhancements, and art programming and supplies.

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