Delia residents encouraged to license dogs

Written by Terri Huxley

The topic of dog licences came to the attention of Delia councillors during the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) report at their  regular meeting held Tues. Jan. 11.

Interim CAO Bill Wulff shared with council that the business and dog license data had been recently updated which spurred a conversation as to current practices and compliance.

The village charges $20 per dog license and $25 for businesses per year.

Wulff explained that the importance of the dog license, in particular, allows for tracking in case the animal gets loose and needs to be returned. The tag provided aids in this scenario. It is only issued once whereas the records are updated annually.

Councillor Jordan Elliott agreed but found that some residents who have multiple dogs, sometimes over the four allotted per household, don’t register at all as they have more than they are allowed to under the bylaw, as well as the cost.

Council felt it was the bylaw officer’s job to enforce the rules on these types of situations, recommending administration contact their officer to start focusing on this.

To raise awareness again and get more licenses started or renewed, council suggested Wulff send out a notice in the water bill to remind residents to come forward.

“That would be the courteous way of starting a discussion,” said Coun. Melody Christofferson.

In Wulff’s report, he also mentioned that the locksmith has come in and rekeyed all necessary locks connected to the master key on Jan. 3 and all required keys have been distributed to the appropriate people.

The village is still in possession of the hotel located on Main Street.

It has had 10 interested persons respond to ads, four showings and one offer resubmitted so far.

Snow removal policy

Council made a motion to pass the updated snow removal policy.

Coun. Elliott stated the village needs to find an easier solution to the skid steer though as he needs better equipment to plow.

“The skid steer option works but is not great,” she said.

Ideas of using a plow on a one-ton truck and sander attached in the back were suggested as well as buying some equipment to do the job.

Council agreed to have administration come up with some options to have them look at for the next meeting.

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