Delia moves ahead with water reservoir expansion

The village of Delia moved several steps forward with their potable water reservoir expansion project at their July 12 council meeting. To proceed, a contract for the above ground water tank needed to be awarded so that tank construction could begin.

Receiving three completed tenders by the June 28 closing date, council reviewed quotes from STT Enviro Corp at $372,000, H2 Flow Tanks and Systems Inc. at $388,704 and Western Tank and Lining Ltd. at $477,100. Accepting recommendations from MPE Engineering Ltd., council awarded the contract to STT Enviro Corp. whose quote of $372,000 (plus GST) came in $18,000 lower than the original budgeted amount.

Council then passed third and final reading of Bylaw 631-2018, the Water Project Financing Loan, which will

have the village borrowing a total of $690,000 with a ten year amortization and annual payments of $82,715. The loan will cover Delia’s $548,080 contribution toward the $1,496,000 water project while consolidating an outstanding term loan of $87,000, leaving $54,920 for unexpected costs.

While the financing has been set up over ten years, Delia’s budget has the loan paid off in five. The annual budgeted payment of $152,562 is slightly over the estimated $145,000 per year MSI Grant which has been the village’s historical allocation since 2014.

Fibre Optics

Council voted to enter into an agreement with NETAGO, allowing the internet service provider to install a fiber optic communications network within the Village of Delia. According to a NETAGO press release, deploying fiber optic service in towns and villages will free up wireless resources on their towers allowing them to provide better internet services for rural customers on farms, acreages and in hamlets.

Delia’s Municipal Access Agreement with NETAGO will give the internet provider access to village rights of way as needed to construct their network, allow the network to operate in the village and house the network hardware within the village office. In consideration of the village providing space and power for the equipment, NETAGO will provide the village and various village facilities with internet services.

Land Use Bylaw

Delia’s Land Use Bylaw is in need of some updates and amendments due to changes in Provincial and Federal regulations. Along with some administrative changes, amendments include definitions, development permit applications and the incorporation of new cannabis regulations. After a review of the amendments, council gave first reading to Bylaw 632-2018. In accordance to the Municipal Government Act, council will hold a public hearing before giving second reading to the land use bylaw. The hearing is scheduled for Thurs. Aug. 30.


Linda Stillinger 

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