Delia faces major infrastructure upgrades  

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The residents of Delia will witness numerous infrastructure upgrades over the next several years.

The village council retained the services of McElhanney Engineering consultants to conduct an infrastructure audit, which Stacy Lick, project manager and asset management specialist and Elliott Reimer, roads specialist presented to council via live-stream at their Dec. 12 regular council meeting.

The study included water supply and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, storm drainage and roads, buildings and facilities, including village buildings, the recycling pad, and campground.

One type of infrastructure item that urgently needs repair or replacement is many of the village’s cement water mains that have degraded and have reached the end of their 60-year service life after being installed in 1955.

Some of these pipes are assessed at high risk of failure.

The same issue concerns the town’s concrete sewer pipes, in parts of the village.

In the short-term, a couple of sidewalks need to be repaired that pose tripping hazards and some village roads need additional gravel.

The infrastructure report is broken down into three priority levels, recommending that priority 1 items be completed within five years, while priority 2 items be completed within 10 years, and some priority 3 items also be completed within 10 years.

Council will evaluate what tasks to complete first as grants, resources and funding allow.

Total upgrade costs exceed $9 million.

Public works report
Kurt Meyers, head of public works, requested a shopping list of items he needs to help maintain village roads, equipment and infrastructure.

Mayor Jordan Elliott moved that Meyers purchase an air compressor, a security container for gas and other explosives, a salt and sand spreader that will attach to a pickup truck, a tamper for road repairs, an impact wrench and a grease gun.

The motion passed.

Meyers had included a few other equipment items on his list, but these items will need later approval.

Fire hall upgrade
Council discussed repairing or replacing the north wall and large door of the Delia fire hall.

While the work needs to be done, council will ask Starland County for a grant before deciding how much of the needed repair can be done and when the repair will take place.

Deputy Mayor Jin Hall moved, seconded by Mayor Elliott, that the 2023 budget be approved as the 2024 interim budget.  Motion carried.

This allows the village to operate and pay bills until the full 2024 budget is approved next May.

Mayor Elliott moved a guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) be unlocked for 2024.  Motion carried.

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