Delegations told they were meant for presentations, not questions

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Two delegations appeared before Coronation Town Council meeting on Monday, June 10.
Bernie Danylyshen made a presentation to council regarding failures by council in regards to not following through with motions made in the past and actions of council contravening the Muncipal Act.
In closing, Danylyshen requested that Councillor Jackie Brigley resign due to public humiliation caused by the letter on a previous town meeting submitted by Councillor Jackie Brigley over ‘stuff happening at the campground’ and the condition of his own personal property.
In a interview with Brigley Tuesday, June 11 she stated she was not resigning.  In fact, she added, a further letter had been submitted to council, although given to administration in time for the agenda, it was absent from this meetings agenda.
Liz Adams was the second delegation requesting a public apology from Mayor Elliott to the Dafoe’s, campground attendents, over her actions in preventing Dafoe’s from continuing with their tree project.
Adams also requested answers to why the town had by-laws when there was no one to enforce them. She was referring to an answer from an earlier inquiry about a vicious dog, that the by-law will look after it, when later Adams found out the town could not afford a by-law officer, and the dog is still at large.
Mayor Elliott expressed several times during the exchange that delegations were meant for presentations, not for asking questions.
“We’re taxpayers,” said Adams in a Tuesday interview, “why can’t I come and ask questions.”
The Animal Control by-law was addressed by council later in the meeting to add a fee schedule for licences for dogs including Restricted Dog Licence, and a Breeder Licence fee.  It also included licences for cats, pigeons and a fee for replacement licence tags for lost tags.
Schedule B in the by-law referrred to amounts to be paid relating to impounded animals.
Council re-visited the User Rates and Fees adding in a rental rate of $150 for renting the upstairs lounge and bar area in the curling rink.
When Brigley questioned the expense to the Medical Clinic for supplies over budget by 395 per cent she was told it was for phones that had to be replaced,  It was also noted the the taxes for the residences for the physicians were an expense not in the budget.  CAO Sandra Kulyk said when the town rents property, it is taxable.
The town has undertaken a new subdivision  of approximately 35.86 acres parcel of land to provide 15 fully serviced light industrial lots south of Railway Avenue.  The land is being rezoned from ‘UR Urban Reserve’ to ‘I-1 ight Industrial’. A public meeting has been set for June 24 in regard to the re-zoning.
A motion in the May 27 meeting named the new street ‘Tudor Avenue’.

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