Delburne Shine & Show

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Delburne Shine & Show took place on Sun. June 17 on the east side of town in front of the community centre. The event featured vehicles of every shape, size, and colour in +20 degree weather. Yard and garage sales took place throughout the day and the community centre acted as ground zero for antique collectors.


Earl Sr. Booth gives a history lesson on a pair of chaps worn in the 1860’s. A cowboy with the last name Hayword would travel from Texas to Alberta stealing cattle. He would sell the cattle and then turn around to head back to Texas, stealing horses on his venture back. Hayword settled in Alberta after his third trip to Canada.



Brad Garson (left) chats and shares photos with Brian Struhar (right) about vehicles.





John Fuchs inspects a 1948 Chevy 5 window pick up.




Ray Pilkington of Delburne takes a few photos of the colourful lineup of vehicles on June 17.


Photos by T. Huxley / ECA Review

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